As Jains, Do We Know Who We Are?

November, 2020 by Dr. Sulekh C. Jain

Jainism, one of the oldest religions if not of the world but certainly of India, originating from India with Hinduism and Buddhism is an integral part of India. The Jain tradition, which enthroned the

Jain Population in India – Some Historical Trends

November, 2020 by Prakash C Jain

This article highlights the five major historical trends of the Jain population in India in modern times in terms of (i) the size, (ii) its share/proportion in the total population of India, (iii) decadal growth rate, (iv) urbanization, and (v) sex ratio.

Religion is Reliving

November, 2020 by Dr Kamini Gogri

Almost everything in the world existing in time undergoes changes. Some changes are very slow and minute whilst others are fast and radical.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology

November, 2020 by

Jain scriptures are known as Jain Āgam literature. Jains do not have one text as a scripture, but they recognized many texts as their scripture. Different sects recognized different number of scriptures.

Vegetarianism – Live Longer to Love Longer

October, 2020 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai

My visit to Belgium, a country lying at a far-off corner of the European continent, has proved to be very memorable. My challenging meeting with Stella Maria, Chief Keeper at the hotel, and her two friends Paul and Rene

The Jains Gift of Ahimsa – Path to Change

October, 2020 by Philip Wollen

The Anglo-Indian writer and Nobel Laureate, Rudyard Kipling wrote of young men dying in WW 1: “And if they ask you why we died; tell them that our fathers lied”. That legacy of lies continues today.

The Concept of Vegetarian Food and some historical events

October, 2020 by Rishwa Doshi

Food is the most important part of human existence. A human being without clothes or shelter can still survive if he gets nutritious food. Our human history tells us that man has been completely in awe of food and has been regularly motivated throughout ages to seek it.

Depth of Non-Violence and Peace – Embrace and Embark

October, 2020 by Prof. Dr. Anekant Kumar Jain

We live in a spendthrift universe of continuous giving. Everywhere the sun is radiating its warmth and light .The air and wind carry the very breath of life upon us. Clouds and oceans follow the same law to shower upon us their precious waters.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology

October, 2020 by

Vegetarianism has been a principle of health and environmental ethics throughout India for thousands of years. It remains, to this day, a cardinal ethic of Jain thought and practices. Each form of life,

Should Jains care about the Climate / Environmental issues?

September, 2020 by jaina education committee

From a purely anthropomorphic (human-centric) point of view, taking action on climate change is necessary for our own survival and well-being. To date, climate change has affected poorer parts of the world, and animal and plant life more than people in the developing world.

Jainism in Bengal – Resourceful Research

September, 2020 by Dr. Lata Bothra

Our history is ancient as well as glorious. Our past is also exuberant and vast. It is said that past never dies but merges with present and present is the product of the past. Evaluation of the present inspires us to know more about our own strong culture and it leads to the new dimension of the perception of life.