Jainism – Through Young Mind

September, 2020 by PRACHI SHAH

In life, if you have a solid walk with strong faith towards your principles and religious values, then you will not ever behold fear.This is something I remind my kids in their growing age to face the modern secular world.

Jainism before Shraman Bhagwan Mahavira?

September, 2020 by Ashish Jakhariya

23rd Jain Tirthankar Shree Parswanath's fourth pattadhar (disciple) was Shree Keshishraman and their pattadhar (disciple) Shree Swayamprabhsuri was the leader of Vidhyadhar Kul and master of knowledge and many arts.

Concept of Six Essentials – Sadh Avashyaka

September, 2020 by Dr. Arihant Kumar Jain

The religious thoughts are shaped by its philosophy. The philosophy cannot last unless it has the support of conduct. Conduct is the reflection of the immaculate soul within. The human body is a blessing but only when it leads to blissfulness. It is given to man to rise high or fall below. The seminal thing is ever to remain human and humane.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology

September, 2020 by Jainlexicon.com

Anekantvad, defines the theory of non-absolutism, non-radicalism or non- one sidedness and in in simple terms

Samvatsari Pratikraman

August, 2020 by Arvind D. Shah

ppt by Anop Vora
This article will help the people – who perform Samvatsari (or any) Pratikraman but don’t understand what is being said. Not only that but this will help you

Jain Darshan – An All Embracing Way of Life

August, 2020 by Ruchika Chitrabhanu

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the Jain philosophy from a young age. If Jainism has to be summed up in one word, it would be Ahimsa.

Jainism, Science and Intermittent Fasting

August, 2020 by Dr. Minal Mehta

I have recently incorporated an intermittent fasting protocol within my daily routine as I have come to really appreciate the wonders this can do for your health

World has two options: Non-violence or Extinction

August, 2020 by Dr. Rajmal Jain

Corona pandemic has created an uncertainty and fear that never before in the history in the human mind as today. The scientific and technological inventions have attempted to control the nature and brought it to the services of human beings. But yet the man, society and nation are not satisfied with the gains they achieved.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology

August, 2020 by Jainlexicon.com

Archaeological evidence suggests that yoga was practiced in ancient India since 3000 BC. Many great personalities (Jain or not) like Patanjali