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Arpit Shah is an avid history researcher, devotional singer, and a Jain “vidhikarak” based out of Kolkata. He is a CS and MBA by qualification and works full time at a MNC. He has authored 3 critically acclaimed books (“Dharma Saarthi”, “Prabhu Tamara Pagle Pagle” & Jin Puja – Itihas ke Panno se”) along with 50+ articles on Jain Heritage.

Which is the Real Birthplace of Lord Mahavir? (Part – 3) February, 2023 Arpit Shah

3. a. Literary/ anthropological evidences IN favour of KUNDGHAT in Jamui Hill Range, (near Lachhuar): i. The Jamui hill range, despite being a hilly region houses seven villages(as on date) on flat surfaces. Oral tradition states that these villages were halting places for caravans and travelers matching the description of the term 'Sannivesh' mentioned in the Acharang Sutra.

Which is the Real Birthplace of Lord Mahavir? – Part 2 January, 2023 Arpit Shah

To begin with, let us examine the details available in ancient texts (chronologically), which throw some light on the distinctive names of Lord Mahavir’s Birthplace (similar names in different texts not repeated)-

Which is the Real Birthplace of Lord Mahavir? – Part 1 December, 2022 Arpit Shah

Background:Religions across the world have always revered the birthplaces of their divine figures with great respect. These places were soon transformed into pilgrimages, in view of the holy aura preserved in the respective birthplaces. Similarly, Jains have also revered the places where the five divine events, i.e. the Panchkalyanaks of Tirthankars (Chyavan, Janma, Diksha, Kevalgyan and Nirvan) had taken place. The last Tirthankar of this cosmic cycle, Shri Vardhaman Mahavir, on whose teachings Jainism has survived, flourished and thrived till date, was born in 599 BC, i.e. nearly 2,618 years ago.

The Lost Birthplace of Lord Shitalnath – Bhaddilpur April, 2022 Arpit Shah

The birthplace of Lord Shitalnath, Bhaddilpur was considered lost until a couple of years ago. According to ancient scriptures, the kingdom of Bhadrikapuri was ruled from its capital, Bhaddilpur by King Dradhrath and Queen Sunanda (of Ikshavaku clan), parents of Lord Shitalnath.

The Divine Dream – Badridas Jain Temple Kolkata March, 2022 Arpit Shah

Anyone familiar with Kolkata would surely be aware of the Maniktalla Jain Temples. Fondly known as the Parasnath Temple, the cluster of four Jain temples is frequented by tourists and devotees alike with the local Bengali community also worshipping the Jain “thakur” (God).

20 Things you did not know About Ranakpur – A Photo Journey February, 2022 Arpit Shah

In the heart of the Aravalli range, enveloped in the solitude of the surrounding forests lies a poetry in stone – the magnificent temple of Ranakpur on the banks of Maghai river. Majestic yet in complete harmony with nature, in whose beautiful lap rests this magnificent monument of devotional architecture, seems bathed in celestial bliss.