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He is a past JAINA President, recipient of JAINA RATNA award, and the chairman of the JAINA Overseas Relations Committee.

Hard to Believe – Even After You Experience it!
May, 2024 Dilip V Shah

On May 1st, 2024, a historic event unfolded in Mumbai at the NSCI stadium in the presence of 8,000 spectators, including 250 Sadhus and Sadhwis and tens of thousands more watching live worldwide on YouTube and other platforms. Pujya Ganivarya Dr. Ajitchandrasagaji Muniji performed Sahasravdhan (1000 Avdhans). This remarkable feat was attempted by Munishri in the presence of his Guru, Acharya Shri Pujya Nayachandrasagarji.  After what Acharya Shri Munisunderji (Author of ADHYATMA KALPADRUM and SANTIKARAM STOTRA) was able to demonstrate some 650 years ago.

Acharaya Shri Hemchandracharyaji March, 2024 Dilip V Shah

Kali Kal Sarvagn Shri Hemchandracharya is a much-revered Acharya for the Jains. His essential bio is well known. Born in 1089 on Kartiki Purnima, in Dhandhuka (present day Khambhat), Gujarat to businessman Chach and his wife Pahini Devi, and was named Changdev. Before the birth of Changdev, the parents had an occasion to visit Acharya Shri Devchandrasuri. In giving his blessings, Acharyashri made a profound prediction – their future son is destined to be a great proponent of Jain Dharma.

Triumph of Willpower November, 2023 Dilip V Shah

Sunday morning of October 29, 2023, Gujarati Samaj Hall in Queens, New York, was filled with over five hundred smiling Jains dressed in their festive Desi outfits. The weather was unseasonably nice. A procession with drums, singing, and dancing devotees had just landed on the side doors of the hall as the eighty-year-old Lady of the Hour entered. The crowd erupted with slogans of “Jainam Jayati Shasanam” and “Tapaswi Amar Raho”.

Message from the Publisher August, 2023 Dilip V Shah

Jai Jinendra: On the third anniversary of JAIN AVENUE magazine, I wish to thank the JAINA India Foundation (JIF) team headed by Dr. Bipin Doshi as the mentor, Dr. Sejal Shah as the editor, Dr. Arihant Jain as the Assistant editor, and Rajvi Shah as the office manager for shepherding the JAIN AVENUE magazine through its formative years and putting it on the progressive path.

A Note from the Publisher August, 2022 Dilip V Shah

I am pleased to witness another milestone achieved by the JAIN AVENUE Magazine – the second anniversary of the magazine launched by the JAINA India Foundation.   Our magazine is a result of labour of Love by an army of dedicated volunteers ably guided by our editor, Dr. Sejalben Shah, and the watchful eyes of our mentor Dr. Bipin Doshi.

Acharyashri Chandanaji – My tribute to a living legend February, 2022 Dilip V Shah

We were all delighted to hear the announcement of Acharya Shri Chandanaji receiving Padmashri on 26th January 2022– a day of her 86th birthday. The scheduled virtual celebration on the Zoom platform became a more joyous occasion.