Author: Palak Lavish kothari

About Author

Ms. Palak Lavish Kothari is pursuing a bachelor’s degree (final) in Physiotherapy from V.S.P.M. College of Physiotherapy, Nagpur (Maharashtra).

Solution of various problems through applications of Anekāntavāda May, 2024 Palak Lavish kothari

"In the garden of thoughts, where perspectives bloom, 'Anekāntavāda' whispers, dispelling gloom. Truth's kaleidoscope, in colors arrayed. In diversity's embrace, wisdom is laid. In the tapestry of life, where stories intertwine, Anekāntavāda wisdom, Oh, so divine. Each thread is a truth, each hue a view, In unity and diversity, our souls renew. In the dance of dialogues, let's sway. 'Anekāntavāda’s ' melody, every day. For in the symphony of voices, we find, The harmony of truths, in every mind. So, let's embrace diversity, with open hearts, Anekantvad's essence, a work of art. For the acceptance of multiple views, Lies the key to understanding and breaking news."