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PROF.DR. ANEKANT KUMAR JAIN (Awarded by President of India)   Designation Professor and Head - Dept. Of Jain Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy Sri Lalbahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Deemed University Under Ministry Of HRD Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016   Qualification:

  • M.A., Ph.d (Jainology & Comparative Religion & Philosophy)
  • Acharya( Prakrit Language, Buddha Philosophy, Jain Philosophy)
  • JRF From UGC
Date Of Birth -  16 August 1978 Teaching Experience: 17 years UG/PG classes and Research Guidance for three students Publications :
  • 12 Books, 60 Research Articles in National and International Journals.
  • More Than 150 Articles Published in Many National News Papers Like (Dainik Jagran, Hindustan,
Nbt, Ras.Sahara, Amarujala; Raj.Patrika, Dainik Tribune, Etc.)
  • Many Poetry Stories Published In Various Magazines, News Papers.
  • Script Writing For Documentary Films.
  • Editor – PAGAD BHASA  (The first News Paper in Prakrit Language )
Residence & Contacts :   ‘JIN FOUNDATION’, A 93 / 7A , Jain Mandir Colony, Behind Nanda Hospital, Chattarpur Extention,NewDelhi-110030; MOB: 9711397716 ,09868098396;; Activities (Social & Academic):
  • Presented Research Papers In 50 National & International Seminars on Jainism.
  • Faculty member Of International School for Jain Studies ,New Delhi
  • Delivered Many Lectures About Spiritual Life Style In Various Institutions.
  • Delivered Lectures On DD1, Other T.V. Channels And A.I. Radio, N. Delhi
  • Workshops For Meditation & Stress Management
  • Delivered   Pravachan And Lectures on Paryushan Parva In Different Cities From 20 Years.
  • Presented Special Lectures In International Interfaith Conferences For Peace In Taiwan , Japan and Kenya
  1. ANEKANT KUMAR JAIN  is a rare combination of tradition and modernity .His life is dedicated to give more & more in field of Jainology & Prakrit Literature . He has been Gold Medalist in M.A. in Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy and in Buddha Darshan Aacharya.His nine books has been published in which anybody can find the standard of research, manuscript editing ,explanation of subject and the different original thoughts . His famous book written on the Jain philosophy named ‘JAIN DHARM EK JHALAK’(जैनधर्म :एक झलक ) has been sold out more then 25,000 copies with six editions. His book ‘Ahinsa Darshan : ek Anuchintan’(अहिंसा दर्शन : एक अनुचिंतन ) is recently observed by the President of India. More than 60 research articles and more than 100 general articles has been published in reputed Research journals /National newspapers like Dainik Jagran ,NBT,Hindustaan Amar Ujala etc and magazines. He has presented his research papers in more than 60 International and national seminars in
India and abroad. He is honoured By ‘Kundkund Gyanpeeth Award’(कुन्दकुन्दज्ञानपीठपुरस्कार), ‘Arhatvachan Award’(अर्हत्वचन पुरस्कार-१९९९),conducted by KndkundGyanpeeth,Indore,‘JainVidyaBhaskar-2008’(जैनविद्याभास्कर-२००८)by Jain socity,Firojabad and ‘Yuva Vachaspati’(युवा वाचस्पति-२०१२)by Jain society Kolkata, for his research and scholarship. His research book “Darshnik Samanvay ki Jain Drishti : NAYVAD(दार्शनिक समन्वय की जैन दृष्टि :नयवाद )is selected best research for the Mahaveer Award -2013(महावीर पुरस्कार-२०१३) conducted by the Jain Vidya Sansthan,Jaipur.The two ancient Jain Scholar Societies Shastri Parishad and Vidwat Parishad has been awarded him on 2013 and 2014 for his outstanding contribution to Jainism and Prakrit language .   In research field, his analytical power is awesome. The most important feature of Anekant is that in spite of having such a good command over Jaina agamas and Philosophy , he has not kept himself confined to this field only, he is equally good in Hindi, Sanskrit ,Prakrit and English Languages and not only languages but also in the field of Poetry. He discovered and edited rare ancient Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts named ‘षडदर्शनेषुप्रमाणप्रमेयसमुच्चयः and ‘संवेगचूणामणि’ which was written by ancient Jain monks. He edited the Hindi commentary by Br. Sheetal prasaad ji on the Prakrit text named प्रवचनसार. He started the first newspaper in Prakrit language named ‘पागद-भासा’ which is the unique contribution to promote this ancient language among common peoples.   Recently he had done hard work to conclude the famous Jain Nyay book named ‘Prameya Kamal Martand’- a very detailed Sanskrit commentary Witten by Aacharya Prabhachandra in Eleventh century. This is a unique work in the field of Jain logic. Bhartiya Gyaanpeeth, New Delhi has published this book named ‘प्रमेयकमलमार्तंडसारः’.
He is well-versed in Information Technology and is keen to utilize it in Prakrit/Sanskrit teaching and research. These out-of-the-box features of Anekant differentiate him from those who are confined to conventional knowledge of Prakrit and Jainism. Also, these features make him demand of the time to make Jainism popular and useful for common people. Recently the president of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has been awarded him by young President award named ‘MAHARSHI VADRAYAN VYAS SAMMAN’-2013 at president house on 17 January 2014 for his contributions in the field of Prakrit Vangmaya.

An experiment with Anekāntavāda May, 2024 Anekant Kumar Jain

The 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, Bhagwan Mahavira was a divine personality who left a lasting impact in the form of his teachings for the spiritual advancement of the individual, protection and preservation of all forms of life, peaceful and secular social order. His teachings are as relevant and useful today as they were 2600 years ago. He put forward the doctrine of Anekāntavāda, where he always advised his disciples to discover the truth after taking into account all aspects and giving them due weight. This broadens one's outlook and trains the mind to accommodate the feelings and the way of life of other faiths and communities.

Depth of Non-Violence and Peace – Embrace and Embark October, 2020 Anekant Kumar Jain

We live in a spendthrift universe of continuous giving. Everywhere the sun is radiating its warmth and light .The air and wind carry the very breath of life upon us. Clouds and oceans follow the same law to shower upon us their precious waters.