Author: Dr. Reshma Devendra

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The Application of AnekĀntavĀda in Modern Thought May, 2024 Dr. Reshma Devendra

Introduction: A̅gamas are the source of all philosophical thought in Jainism. Incidentally, the term Aneka̅nta finds no mention in the A̅gamas. It was coined during the post-agamic literary development and “probably Siddhasena Divakar was the first to use it.”[1] The word aneka̅nta-va̅da is a compound word made up of three terms, anek, anta, and va̅da. Anek means many, anta means aspects or attributes and va̅da means doctrine. It is a doctrine of multiplicity and a philosophy of pluralism. Prof. S. N. Dasgupta calls it “relative Pluralism” against the absolutism of the Vedic tradition.