Author: Samani Dr. Shashi Prajñā

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Samani Dr. Shashi Prajñā is an Associate Professor in Deptt.of Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy at Jain Visha Bharati Institute, Ladnun (Rajasthan). She has written a book on the Applied Philosophy of Anekānta and compared it with postmodern philosophy.

Wide Implications of the Jain Doctrine of Anekānta May, 2024 Samani Dr. Shashi Prajñā

It is this human mind, which is responsible for anekāntic thought. It is the power of the mind to think both creatively and destructively. John Milton rightly said, ‘It is man’s mind, which can make hell of heaven and heaven of hell.’ The U.N. Charter rightly commented that 'War is first of all fought in the minds of men before it is actually fought on the battlefield.”