Author: Yifan Singharaja

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My name is Yifan, but you may call me Singha, after the "Singha" in the phrase "Singharaja," which refers to a mystic guardian of the Dharma, and of course for now I have a Jain name given by Samanji Shrutpragya called Mumukshu Manak. Currently, I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Jainism at Ghent University in Belgium. My research focuses on the Urban Jains residing in several Southeast Asian metropolitan cities, including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Singapore. Specifically, I am examining their identities and unique characteristics within the context of their respective host societies. Commencing from the end of August of the current year until August of 2024, I intend to undertake a comprehensive fieldwork in the afore-mentioned locations. The purpose of this endeavor is to employ ethnographic and qualitative research methods to investigate the Jain community and their associated members within the cultural domain of Southeast Asia. Establishing connections with Jain communities prior to the commencement of fieldwork would be advantageous in laying a more robust foundation for this novel research topic. I express my genuine gratitude and extend an invitation to establish a friendship, should you be a Jain acquaintance hailing from Southeast Asia. Lots of appreciation.

I did my Ayambil in Singapore June, 2024 Yifan Singharaja

On April 23rd, 2023, I successfully completed my second Ayambil Oli. Looking ahead, I am considering the possibility of undertaking a longer Ayambil Oli in Southeast Asia or another part of the world. Throughout the experience of participating in Ayambil Oli and upon its completion, I have been greeted with heartfelt blessings such as "Satama" and "Kubh Kubh Annumodana."