Sanganer is a small town located 12 kms from Jaipur, famous for its hand printed textiles, handmade apers and beautiful temples. Perhaps the most exquisite of these temples, Sanghiji Temple, represents incredible architectural splendour, displaying carvings as fine as those of the magnificent Dilwara Temple of Mount Abu. The inscriptions on wall of the temple prove that this temple is very ancient, was built in various phases, the last one ending in the 10th century. The temple is constructed of red stone, embellished with fine and intricately with fine and intricately carved images of lotuses, vines and elephants pouring water from pitchers held in their trunks. The construction of this temple is of very high quality, with eight shikharas (pinnacles), each seven stories high. Each of these shikharas is molded and adorned in a very unique style, displaying various sculptures from the Jain Pantheon. Upon entering the inner temple, one encounters a large stone shrine crowned with a set of three shikharas. The artistic carving on these shikharas as well as the shrine itself is a work of artistic elegance. Within the shrine is a beautiful idol of Lord Parshwanath with seven serpent hoods. On both sides are two additional idols of Lord Parshwanath. The principal idol in the Sanghiji Temple is of Lord Adinath in the Padmasan (seated) posture. This idol is said to be over 4,000 years old. There is a small ancient shrine in the midst of the underground portion of the temple. The sacred Temple has seven underground floors which are kept closed due to religious beliefs and visitors are not allowed to see them. This shrine is believed to be guarded by the yakshas (protector of Devas). It is According to legend, only Bal Yati, (one who has maintained celibacy since childhood) ascetic Jain Monks can enter this shrine. He must possess spiritual steadfastness and is only able to bring the idols out from this underground shrine for a limited period of time. Upon the completion of this period of time, the idols must be returned to their original place. This is an Atishay (miracle) of this temple and shows its sanctity. Sanganer is situated approximately 12 kms south of Jaipur. Jaipur Airport is less than 3 kms from Sanganer. Jaipur along with Agra and Delhi forms the Golden Triangle of the Indian tourist circuit.