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Emperor Vikramaditya and JainismMay, 2023

In Indian historical eras, Vikram Samvat is a popular reference for time calculation. Valiant Emperor Vikramaditya of Bharat Varsha started the era of Vikram Samvat. Vikram Samvat era started

The Jain Monk and his Saka savioursMay, 2023

About two thousand years ago incidents took place which involved the Jain community that inspired an epic ballad that was put down in writing a thousand years later in Prakrit and local languages. This was the Kalak Acharya Katha that became the standard appendix of the main Jain text, the Kalpasutra, that described Jain cosmogony

Illustrated Story of Emperor VikramadityaMay, 2023

First published by Mahavir Seva Trust as Diwakar Chitra Katha, Vol 50, 51 and 52

Avanti Parshwanath Temple and Kalyan Mandir StotraMay, 2023

The ancient name of Ujjain city was Avantika Puskarandini and Vishala. Ujjain was the ancient capital of Malwa. During the reign of king Sudhanva, this city named as Ujjain. King Samprati, who on the advice

How an Idea Turned into 90,000+ Hot Meals ServedMay, 2023

one evening in late April, Varun Gandhi got a call from Adhir Shah — having seen people struggling to provide

Vikramaditya steps out of fables into historyMay, 2023

King Vikramaditya, or Vikram of the ‘Vikram and Baital’ fables, is a historical figure, after all. And behind this giant leap from fable to history is a little gold coin. According to researchers of the Maharaja Vikramaditya Shodhpeeth in Ujjain, this coin is the first definitive archaeological evidence of the monarch.

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