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The A- ListerJuly, 2021

It has been sometime since I started learning about Jainism systematically via a University of Mumbai course. 

Immunity from SpiritualityJuly, 2021

The word “Immunity” has become a buzzword in this pandemic, as that is the only strategy which  seems to be working with a mathematical precision in our battle against COVID19. Suddenly so many  nutraceuticals have popped-up in the market claiming to boost immunity.

Jainism and Nonviolence – From Mahavira to Modern TimesJuly, 2021

The research contained in this paper focuses on the religion of Jainism, its main principle of ahimsa, or nonviolence, and how that philosophy has evolved over the years, eventually inspiring today’s nonviolent movements.

JainismJuly, 2021

1. Basics of Jainism, 2. Principals of Jainism, 3. Philosophies of Jainism, 4. Jain Beliefs, 5. Daily life of Jain

Bhogilal Leharchand Institute of IndologyJuly, 2021

Vijay Vallabh Smarak Tirth Mandir Complex, ensconced within 23 acres of sprawling campus, at 20th Km point on National Highway no. 1, G.T. Karnal Road, Alipur, Delhi, is

Let’s Understand Jain TerminologyJuly, 2021

Before it became known as Jain Dharma, it was called Shraman Dharma. In ancient India, religions were classified as Vedic Dharmas or Shraman Dharmas. Other Shraman Dharmas were Buddhists and Ajivikas.

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