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Jain CompassionMarch, 2023

The values of Jain religion are based on five vows viz.- non-violence, devotion to truth, non-stealing, celibacy, and non-possession. The entire lifestyle of the Jain Shravak and the Jain Sadhu emanates from these vows and the foremost is non-violence.

Navpad OliMarch, 2023

Navpad Oli is the most important Parva, or festival, in Jainism. Also known as Ayambil Oli, it lasts for nine days, and occurs twice a year. During this time, Jains worship the nine supreme entities of the universe: (1) Arihants, (2) Siddhas, (3) Acharyas, (4) Upadhyays, (5) Sadhus/Sadhvis, (6) Samyak Darshan, (7) Samyak Gyan, (8) Samyak Charitra, and (9) Samyak Tap.

Six Jain Temples in Pakistan That Survived the Test of TimeMarch, 2023

Jain temples are spread across many regions of Pakistan. Bhabra, an ancient merchant community from Punjab which prevailed in Pakistan were followers of Jainism. The Jains primarily lived in Sialkot and Pasrur. They are not to be found presently in Pakistan.

Yoga In Jainism and Patanjali SystemMarch, 2023

The word ‘yoga’ has a long history of usage within all religions of India. It comes from Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means to unite, attach, or connect. Patanjali yoga delineates the “path of liberation” step-by-step in an organised and scientific way. It bears similarities to some aspects of Jainism also.

Acharya HemchandraMarch, 2023

Kalikalsarvagna Hemchandracharya made extraordinary contribution for a long spell of seven decades to varied fields like poetry and grammar, history and puran, yoga and spiritual knowledge, lexicon and poetics, renunciation and penance, self-restraint and self-discipline and the state welfare and popular welfare.

Jainism and Scientific ThoughtMarch, 2023

The Jains have a distinctive attitude to science and knowledge. The Jain approach defines science as encompassing all forms of knowledge, including the physical sciences, the humanities and the spiritual journey. This contrasts with the deep-rooted separation in Western philosophy between spiritual and scientific approaches, which has softened in recent decades.

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