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Effect of Jain Fasting on Anthropometric, Clinical and Biochemical ParametersNovember, 2022

Background and Aims: Fasting has a long tradition in most cultures and has many health benefits. Most of the studies are from daytime fasting or intermittent fasting. There is paucity of data from complete fasting (no food and fruits, water only).

My Thanksgiving Break: The Jain WayNovember, 2022

The bell rang on the loudspeaker, echoing through the empty halls of the school. Classroom doors opened and the seemingly quiet building suddenly erupted with the sounds of laughter and conversation with an obvious atmosphere of excitement.

Shri Taranga TirthNovember, 2022

Taranga Tirth is considered one of the five most important Maha Tirthas of the Jain community. It is located on a three peaked Taranga hill in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, on the Aravali Hill Range. The river Rupen flows along the hills and to the east flows the river, Saraswati.

Environmental Conservation through Living JainismNovember, 2022

The present environmental problem lies in our prevalent model of development, which has established consumerism as an index of development.  Nations, societies and people are considered developed and even more civilized on the basis of their scale of consumption.

Prominent Jain Master Shri Chitrabhanuji was interviewed by Michael Tobias in 2012 for Forbes Magazine.November, 2022

In the interview, Chitrabhanuji speaks about human nature, simplicity, sustainability, life as a jain monk, bringing Jainism to North America during the 1970s, and the most important thing to realize in one’s lifetime.

Promoting Non-Violence with the use of Technology and DigitizationNovember, 2022

This month, we at Applied Jainism, continued with our lecture series on how we can leverage technology and digitation to move towards a “Violence Free World.” Nowadays we can see that everywhere, violence, carnivory, alcohol have increased a lot. Tsunamis, torrential rains, pollution-related diseases, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. caused by violence have increased. Despite several evident ill-consequences, the world today is not ready to give up violence.

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