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JAINA Convention 2021 – Tremendous Momentum Continues!April, 2021

The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) will be celebrating its 21st Convention on the Fourth of July weekend — from July 1st to 6th, 2021. Every two years, this premier event brings together members of the Jain Community from

Influence of Jaina Culture on the communication system in India through postage stamps on JainismApril, 2021

The hobby of postage stamps collection is called Philately. Jainism is an interesting subject in the Philately. Many stamps have been issued on Jain Gods, Jain pilgrimage centers, Jain personalities, Jain symbols, Jain temples and architecture etc.

Karma PlaygroundApril, 2021

The science of liberation or eternal happiness is a spiritual science. However, the fundamental of this spiritual science is interrelationship between consciousness and karmic particles. Till the liberation does not occur there is continuous inflow, bondage and outflow of karmic

The Great Accomplishment of the Past Century ABHIDHAN RAJENDRA KOSHApril, 2021

Acharya Rajendrasurishvarji (v.s.1883 – v.s.1963), was a brilliant and blessed child of Goddess Sarasvati. He gave us ABHIDHAN RAJENDRA KOSH and left a permanent imprint on the world stage. He was a great personality of the19th century. Warmth, vitality and prowess of his

Existential Dilemma of Jain Society – Options and ConsequencesApril, 2021

The question we want to debate here is ‘Can a peace-loving, non-violent, miniscule, society survive in a widespread violent global environment, and if it can, for how long? This question has arisen because presently we have an atmosphere of intolerance, violence and some groups of

Let’s Understand Jain TerminologyApril, 2021

Tapa or penance is the seventh of the ten virtues Digambars celebrate during the high holidays known as Das Lakshana Parva. The basic purpose of penance is to control attachments and aversions. Tapa is an important religious practice. It an essential feature of the life of a

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