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Current Issues in Practicing JainismNovember, 2021

Is it acceptable in Jainism to have a pet? First, let’s talk about the basic tenets of Ahimsa relevant for this question. Ahimsa means:

How Has Jainism Influenced Art and Architecture in India?November, 2021

Jainism is a trans theistic religion that prescribed non-violence towards all the living beings and has greatly influenced the development and art and architectural styles in India. This religion traces its root in the Indian subcontinent back in the 6th Century with its founder being Mahavira who was born in a royal family and later renounced his worldly life to become an ascetic.

The Eleven DoubtsNovember, 2021

Bhagvan Mahavira gained omniscience on the tenth day of the dark fortnight of Vaisakha month on the bank of river Rajuvailka after a long period of

Eco-Diwali ContestNovember, 2021

This Diwali saw an interesting new concept introduced by Applied Jainism. With the primary objective of furthering the concept of environment protection and Ahimsa,

New Perspectives on Jain Architecture and Sculpture at Sravana BelagolaNovember, 2021

There have been numerous researches on Jain ecology and religious beliefs but few on the role of built and natural environment in historical sites. The paper investigates into the role and function of Jain sculpture and architecture in Sravana Belagola (Karnataka) from a socio-religious context.

Let’s Understand Jain TerminologyNovember, 2021

Gandharvād is a philosophical work in which there are profound discussions of eleven salient doctrines - compilation of answers given by Bhagwān Mahāvīra to the 11 scholars

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