Ahimsā the life force of Jainism or is it really; you decide!

January, 2022 by Dr. Sulekh Jain

A very inspiring poem First, let me start this article with a beautiful and touching short poem by a 10-year-old Ms. Rutvi Shah (a Jain) from San Diego, California. “I want to be Jain; I want to feed the hungry; I want to wipe the tears of the sad. I want to give to the needy, I want to be Jain…


January, 2022 by Dr. Dileep Dhing

Non-violence is the Supreme Human value, and also it is the Fundamental of all the Human values. Due to Non-violence, all the small values become precious.

Ahimsā for Protection of Environment

January, 2022 by Dr. Jeoraj Jain

Violent lifestyle is contributing comprehensively to global ecological challenges. It is posing serious threats for the breakdown of our eco-system. People talk about superficial non-violent life styles for salvaging the eco-system.

The Jain Principle of Ahimsa (Nonviolence) and Ecology

January, 2022 by Dr. Sohan Lal Jain Gandhi

Though ahimsa, the basic tenet of Jainism, has been in vogue since the Age of Lord Rsabhadeva, the first Jain Tirthankara (Jina or pathfinder) of this cycle of time, who it is believed, was born thousands of years ago, it shot into prominence with the advent of Gandhi in the twentieth century who used it successfully as a weapon to compel the Britishers to quit India and give her freedom ultimately.

A New Paradigm in Understanding “WATER”

January, 2022 by Vishal Mehta- Team Applied Jainism

This article is a transcription of  the 15th Show of Applied Jainism lecture Series conducted on 2nd Jan-2022. This is going to present a simplified synopsis of the scientific research & experiments carried out by contemporary western thinkers & scientist on subtle qualities of water, which collectively leads to establish that like plants, water indeed has attributes of a living entity (apkay jeev) as mentioned in Jain doctrine since ages.

Online Gujarati Vishwakosh (Encyclopedia) Opening a window on the world in Gujarati language.

January, 2022 by

Google is an ocean of information and knowledge, but it serves mostly English-speaking world. Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust (GVT), after decades of efforts, published 25 volumes to distribute worldly knowledge in the Gujarati language.

Jain Dharma Goes Beyond Religion

December, 2021 by Pankaj Jain (Ph.D.)

A focus on the book and God makes a religion conclusive, exclusionary, and separative. In these three ways, the Jain notion of dharma is very different from the notion of religion.

An Evolutionary Perspective

December, 2021 by Dominic Johnson & Michael Price in partnership with Issachar Fund

With Dominic Johnson & Michael Price in partnership with Issachar Fund What if science can help us understand religion without undermining it? What if understanding evolution can help us better understand religion? What if religion and science are just different ways of solving different challenges? What if religion and science can actually be mutually reinforcing?

“Lok-Alok Ke Rahasya” (Mysteries of the Universe)

December, 2021 by Rajmal Jain; Ph. D; FRAS

With the kind blessings of Acharyashree Kanaknandi Ji Gurudev we had a satisfactory and very interactive/ live International Symposium on Lok-Alok ke Rahasya (Mysteries of the Universe) during 11-14 November 2021.

ATMASIDDHI SHASTRA Six Spiritual Truths of the Soul

December, 2021 by Dilip. V Shah

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Shrimadji’s magnum opus – Atmasiddhi Shastra, the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur (SRMD) has presented this elegantly produced spiritual guide for the English-speaking world by his ardent follower Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshji.

Current issues practicing Jainism

December, 2021 by Dasputra

With so much violence around us, whether it is in the food we consume, products we use, what we buy, where we buy from, environmental footprint, or things we accumulate.

Let’s bring back the house sparrow home again – Team Applied Jainism

December, 2021 by Jagat Kinkhabwala - Team Applied Jainism

Jainism has direct coordination with the basic principles, rules, austerity, and celebration of the environment. The principles of Jainism are getting scientifically confirmed with time.