Navapad Oli – Ayambil Oli

April, 2024 by Kishor B Shah

Ayambil Oli is considered very auspicious, efficacious, and as one of the most important festivals in Jainism. The festival is also considered to be ‘shashwathi’ – meaning the festival is eternal, existing in all time cycles of past, present & future. Ayambil is one of the external or Bahya Tap falling within Rasparityag – giving up attachment for taste. Jains consider the austerity of Ayambil as a way to purify the body and mind, encourage spiritual growth and practice self-restraint. By observing Ayambil, one can experience various health benefits and live in harmony with the environment.

Is Prakrit Relevant Today?

April, 2024 by Sejal Zaveri

There are around 6000 languages that are prevalent in world today whereas In India alone there are around 450 languages as per Ethnolouge. Few of these languages are spoken by millions of people whereas few others are not so popular. It is believed that at the root of many of these Indian languages, including many foreign languages is either Sanskrit or Prakrit.

Round Earth “Theory” is Western Propaganda, According to This Indian Flat Earther

April, 2024 by Sushmita Sundaram

“In school, I too believed the Round Earth Theory like everyone else,” laughs 35-year-old Gaurav Jain over the phone from Delhi, India. “Because I had to pass exams!” A chartered accountant by trade, Jain comes off as your average working professional—he spends his spare time organising vegan potlucks and working with local NGOs to rehabilitate injured animals.

Prekshadhyan – A Scientific Approach

April, 2024 by Dr. Kavita Jain

The concept of preksha dhyan can be considered as one of the major breakthroughs of this century in the field of biomedical sciences. The world of today is full of tensions and people are facing various health issues, both physical and mental. The scope and application of preksha dhyan for treatment of a large number of diseases and disorders is undoubtedly great and already significant achievements have been in this direction.

Lifestyle Medicine: The initial approach to prevent, treat, and even reverse disease.

April, 2024 by Dr. Asha Gala

The relationship between nutrition and health is frequently misunderstood and ignored until either we ourselves experience health issues or we see a loved one experience health issues. We often believe that we are experts on food choices and that we are immune to lifestyle diseases. I, too, was completely ignorant regarding the importance of nutrition. That changed when my daughter started facing severe food and environmental allergies, eczema, and asthma soon after her birth.

Jain community in US launches ‘digital detox’ movement

April, 2024 by

Over the next few months, community activist Ajay Jain Bhutoria and his team plan to reach out to Congressmen and lawmakers at the State level, along with policy makers, non-profit bodies, academics and think tanks with its action plan to seek their support for the 'digital detox' movement.

Kundakunda Ãchãrya: His Names and His Era

March, 2024 by Dhruti Ghiya Rathi

Various names assigned to the highly venerated Ãchãrya Kundakunda have always been intriguing to a reader, as to the cause of associating so many names to one person? Could there be a possibility that we are mixing personalities? What other references are available to corroborate the traditional view? In Prakrit, he is known as KondaKundai. Konda, per some authors is his place of origin and hence the name Kunda (flower) from Konda.

Acharya Umasvati – Umasvamin

March, 2024 by Kishor B. Shah

In the annals of Jainism, one of earliest and the most renowned and revered Acharya and author of the Jain philosophy is known to Svetambara Jains as Umasvati and to Digambara Jains as Umasvamin or Umasvami. His seminal work - Tattvartha Sutra represents the epitome of Jain philosophy and enjoys the same status among Jains as say the Bible for Christians, the Quran for Muslims, the Gita for Hindus, or the Vedanta Sutra in Vendanta philosophy.

Acharaya Shri Hemchandracharyaji

March, 2024 by Dilip V. Shah

Kali Kal Sarvagn Shri Hemchandracharya is a much-revered Acharya for the Jains. His essential bio is well known. Born in 1089 on Kartiki Purnima, in Dhandhuka (present day Khambhat), Gujarat to businessman Chach and his wife Pahini Devi, and was named Changdev. Before the birth of Changdev, the parents had an occasion to visit Acharya Shri Devchandrasuri. In giving his blessings, Acharyashri made a profound prediction – their future son is destined to be a great proponent of Jain Dharma.

Āchārya Haribhadra Suri

March, 2024 by Dr. Arihant Kumar Jain

Jainism is one of the ancient Indian religions, where numerous great Ācāryas have significantly contributed to its rich philosophical heritage and have made important contributions in carrying forward the rich knowledge tradition of Jain Philosophy. Among these revered figures, Ācārya Haribhadra Suri stands out as a profound scholar, spiritual guide, and prolific writer whose works continue to inspire and enlighten generations. Most historians believe that his time was after or around 650 AD (due to his familiarity with 'Dharmakirti'). In his writings, he identifies himself as Jinabhadra of the Vidyadhara Kula and a student of Jinadatta. He was a great, philosopher, doxographer, and prolific author with a powerful personality, had written many books in Sanskrit and Prakrit.

There’s a Cow in the Room

March, 2024 by Dr. Sailesh Rao ( Founder of Climate Healers )

Today, I want to rebel with you against false orthodoxy by speaking on bovine matters. I mean, of course, cows. Yes, there is a Cow in the Room and not everyone can see it. The orthodoxy, the herd opinion, is that animal agriculture has little to do with climate change. I believe that is very wrong. I believe that based on the data. I am an environmentalist by occupation, but a systems engineer by profession. I invented the protocol for transforming early analogue internet connections to more robust digital connections while accelerating their speed tenfold.

Singapore Jain Religious Society

March, 2024 by Parul Kothary

Jains have settled in Singapore since the beginning of 20th Century. the Singapore Jain Religious Society was registered in 1972 and our Jain elders secured its current premises in 1978. The location has since been renovated a number of times and in the year 2009, a murti of lord Mahavir was consecrated at the premises. The Jain Center is unique in the world, as it has progressed with the times in accommodating all the different Jain sects in the same premises, keeping to fundamental principles of Jainism. The Society maintains its prime objective a preserving Jain unity in Singapore. Jainism was officially accepted and became the 10th religion to join the Inter Religious Organization (IRO) in 2006. Being a member of IRO raised awareness of Jainism in Singapore.