JAINA India Foundation is an Entity of JAINA, USA. Please visit www. Jaina.org for details. It is a Not for profit and Non Sectarian organization designed to carry out JAINA’s Religious, Humanitarian, and Educational projects. Dr. Bipin Doshi, Dhimen Vora and Amol Shah are the founder directors. The office address of JAINA INDIA Foundation is: 102 Abhilasha Bldg#1, Punjabi Lane, Borivali West, Mumbai 400092.

JAIN AVENUE is a monthly web – based multimedia magazine by JAINA India Foundation. The premiere issue will be released on August 15, 2020 and there after, it will appear in your mailbox every 15th of the month free of cost. Anyone desiring the magazine will be able to add themselves to our mailing list or can opt out of it if they so choose.

The mission of the magazine is: Voice of the Practitioners of Jain Dharma. Just as JAINA is a non- sectarian organization, our magazine will also strive to be nonsectarian. It will have well researched articles by scholars and the students of Jain Dharma from around the globe. We plan to make our magazine to be a global interactive platform for discussion of contemporary Jain issues like Jain Unity, Climate Change, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual well-being, and social engineering. Instead of just presenting the articles, we will encourage dialogue between the authors and the readers.