This 72 Jinalaya is a Jain Pilgrimage and home to 72 Deris of Lord Mahavir. This beautiful temples are located at Mandvi road and spread across approximately 80 acres. Locally it is knowing as “Bauter Jinalay”.it is Best Places to Visit in Mandvi.

72 Jinalaya Jain temple, Mandvi, Kutch The 72 Jinalaya is the best Jain temple in Mandvi, Its a famous center of attraction for the tourist. It have the 72 shrines of lord jain thirthankars. It also have dharamshala to stay. Very good marble art and sculpture. It’s a clean and peaceful place to visit.

In the temple, there is a 73 inch long idol of Mulnayak Lord Adishwar and in the Rang mandap there is an ancient idol of Lord Parshavanath. The Rang Mandap is 1008 square feet in area, where one can seek frames of various important temple made in glass artwork.

For the convenience of devotees there are dharamshala, upashraya and bhojanshala that provide saatvik food. Mulnayak of this temple is Lord Adinath thats why this is Best Places to Visit in Mandvi.