Atom In Jain Philosophy – Metaphysical View – Idealism v/s Realism

June, 2021 by Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar, Jethalal S. Zaveri
To grasp properly the Jain views, regarding the theory of atom, it is necessary to understand the non-absolutist attitude of the Jains regarding the nature of Reality. We shall, therefore, very briefly discuss the Non-absolutist Realism of the Jain Philosophy.

The Jains have developed, perhaps, a unique system of metaphysical thinking based upon their unique epistemology, which recognizes both empirical and transcendental experience to be within the scope of human knowledge. According to them, reality is self-existing, self-consistent, and self-contained. It does not depend upon something outside it for its existence. Secondly, the Jain system is free from all absolutism. It does not deprecate common sense interpretation of experience in favour of abstract a priori logic. The logical attitude is intimately bound up with its empiricism. This realistic view stands in a close relation of kinship not only to the other realistic philosophies but also to science. 

In this issue, we will be presenting a brief overview of the book, “Microcosmology Atom in Jain Philosophy and Modern Science”, which is based on the philosophies mentioned in the previous paragraph. 

About The Book:
The subject of micro cosmology has been dealt with by ancient sages as modern physicists. The book succinctly presents a comparative and critical study of the theory of atom as expounded by Jain Philosophy and Modern Science. The author, being a versatile scholar of both the disciplines, has elucidated the intricate points in a lucid manner. The topics discusses include: Development of Structure of Atom; Paradoxical nature of Matter; Characteristics of Pudgal/Parmanu.
An important feature of the book is the new interpretation of the concepts like massless particle, super-luminal speeds, basic unity of physics and philosophy, etc. The striking similarities in the concepts of: (i) Black Holes and Krsnaraji, (ii) Quantum Jump and Aphusmana gati (iii) Uncertainity Principle and Motion of Parmanu, etc. in Modern Science and Jaina Philosophy led to future possibilities of fruitful interaction of each other. Both scientists and philosophers would be interested to pay attention to them.
A reader interested in the modern scientific theories of sub-atomic world or in the ancient Indian philosophical thoughts/intuitive comprehensions of the nature of physical reality in general and parmanu (the ultimate atom) in particular, would be equally benefited by this book.
It is hoped that a happy blending of science and philosophy in this book will prove to be an important landmark in the field of comparative studies in the science and philosophy.


Microcosmology: Atom in Jain Philosophy
& Modern Science: Atom in Modern
Science – Introductory

About Author

Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar

Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar

He is a versatile scholar having mastery over diverse disciplines such as Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, Ancient History, Meditation, Spirituality and several languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, English, Hindi, Gujarati and Rajasthani.
Author of over 15 books on philosophy, comparative studies on Science and Philosophy, Meditation, Mathematics, Atomic Science, and Jainism.

Jethalal S. Zaveri

Jethalal S. Zaveri

Founder and Managing Director of Bharat Bijlee Ltd., for 33 years. Past Chairman, IEEMA. Member Institute of Standards. He was described as Bhisma Pitamaha of the Indian Electrical Industry in India. He has contributed to the community by way of conducting numerous Preksha Dhyan, Shibirs Meditation Camps all over India. Medals & Awards: ‘Jain Ratnam’, ‘Preksha, Prashikshak’, ‘Preksha Pravakta’, ‘Samaj Bhushan’, ‘Shrawak Shiromani’.


Co-edited by Sejal Zaveri

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