Shri Bhandaria Paswanathaya

– About 93 years old Temple

– Fine and artistic carving work (Carving work has been going on for about 9 years.)

– From the main entrance of Derasar, the lower and upper Mulanayaks have a view of the Lord.

– In the evening, the derasar is illuminated only by lamps, for which there is a special lamp and glass arrangement.

– Shantrujaya river, Jinalaya on Palitana Hill, Hastagiri Jinalaya from Derasar.

– Accommodates around 100 to 150 people for accommodation and meals.

Close to Kadambgiri Tirth is Bhandāriyā Tirth which has an ornate temple and majestic murti of Bhandāriyā Parśvanāth Bhagwān.