Brahma Jinalaya, Lakkundi, Karnataka, 10th Century

Lakkundi is a place of complex temple architecture and antiquarian interest with over 100 temples constructed by the Chalukyas who ruled this area from the 10th to the 12th century. A.D. It is considered unique because of its 101 temples, 101 wells and 101 lingas. This place is also known by the famous name Dana Chintamani Attimabbe, a queen who sanctified the place by her patronage for literature, the Jain religion and her philanthropic work. All the temples at Lakkundi have been declared protected monuments under the Archeological Survey of India.

The Bramha Jinalaya was constructed by Attimabbe in 1007 A.D. and dedicated to Lord Mahavir. It stands as a testimony of high rank in Karnataka art & architecture. Her great devotion, generosity, excellence and other virtue are well portrayed in this temple. Bramha Jinalaya has a well constructed Mukhya Mandapa, and the court hall is propped by large central pillars decorated with beautifully carved dancers. The Garbhagudi or the innermost sanctum holds the idol of Lord Mahavir, which is 3 feet in height. The unique feature of this temple is the cylindrical sculptor of Chaturmukha Brahma and the goddess Saraswati, rendering the name ‘Bramha Jinalaya’ to the temple. Lakkundi is also known for its steep wells artistically built with small canopied niches inside the walls of the wells enshrining lingas.

This ancient site is 68 km. from Badami, 59 km. from Hubli and about 135 km. from Belgaum, which has an airport.