This place is very old consists of two hills Mangi & Tungi are two cliffs of a single mountain these are named after two sisters Mangi and Tungi. Mangi is at a height of 4343 feet and Tungi is 4366 feet above the sea level. We can find 6 caves on the Mangi hill and 2 caves on Tungi hill. There are more that 600 Jaina images of the tirthankaras in the padmasana and kayotsarga. Inscriptions on so many idols are not clear. Many idol installed in V.S. 651 are here. Many inscriptions on rock are here in Sansakrit Language in ADINATH & SHANTINATH Caves, but not clear. An inscription of V. S. 1400 is still there in Adinath Cave. There are several caves named after deities & sages who were liberated there such as Seetaji , Mahaveer , Adinath , Shantinath , Parshwanath & Ratnatrya. Their idols in yogic postures are found in these caves. In Balabhadra cave too there are several idols in similar positions. The tourists find many huge idols in the open also. Krishna Kunda is close to the Tungi peak. It is believed that Lord Krishna was cremated from here. Other caves also house the idols of Lord Rama & his dear & near ones. What attracts attention, however, immediately after reaching the place is mammoth, 31 feet high statue of Bhagwan Bahubali was erected recently.

It is difficult to know about the antiquity and period of this shrine. From idols, caves, water reservoirs and inscriptions in semi-magadhi, ardha-magadhi script found on this mountain, it becomes quiet evident that the shrine is thousands of years old.

It is said to that Maryada Purushotam Sri Ramachandraji, Pavanputra hanumanji, Sri Sugrivji and countless Jain saints have attained Moksha here. According to one legend when the city of Dwarka was completely destroyed in fire, Lord Sri Krishna a Tirthankar to be, of the future set of 24 in the next cycle of time and his brother Sri Balram took shelter in this forest and the former left off his mortal coils when struck by an arrow from Jaradkumar also in this forest. In the middle of these mountains his Brother Balram performed the final rites. Even today there stands a memorial on that spot. Sri Balramji thereafter getting totally disillusioned of this worldly life and realizing that it was the forest and there practicing intense austerities proceeded to heaven.

The two visible peaks of the mountain in this forest are known as Mangi and Tungi. The road leading to them is extremely dangerous. There are many curves on the top in which Jain idols are found installed. Adivasi people also by visiting this shrine feel themselves fulfilled. The nearby forts of Kanchanpur and Mulher and the village of Mulher are of historical significance. Till Vikram year 1822, in this village which was a city, there lived hundreds of Jain householder families and the city was rich and prosperous. It is said that once upon a time, the local king as well as all his subjects were following Jain religion.

At the base of the mountain , now there are a total of three temples, two of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan and one of Sri Adhinath Bhagwan.

In the whole of India, there are a few mountains only, on which there are so many caves, ancient idols and water reservoirs. The place is a veritable treasure trove of ancient art. It would be difficult to describe this place in words. The ancient artistic Jain idols of Tirthankars and saints together with exquisitely carved images of gods and goddess in dancing moods and postures of a great variety which are found here in caves are rarely to be seen anywhere else. From place to place here inscriptions are found in Sanskrit as well as Magadhi languages.