Shila Poojan Ritual Completed at Jambudvipa Pilgrimage Palitana. At Jambudvipa, work has started on war footing with a grand Shila Poojan for the construction of the 8 feet high giant statue of Dada Adinath Prabhu which is a wonder of the world at Jambudvipa. For the last fifteen years, the ruling influencer Pujaya Acharya Ashok Sagar Suriji M.S. had a feeling that a huge statue of Adinath Dada should be built. He spoke to two or three Acharya Bhagwants about this.

They accepted this and the construction of the statue was decided. Regarding this, Ashok Sagar MS said that two years ago Acharya Bhagwant went to Madhya Pradesh on a pilgrimage to Gajatirtha where he saw a twenty-two feet Dagimber idol. And later he visited Surat Athwalayan, and got a divine sign and he informed about this with Shresthivarya Jayantbhai, Ramanbhai, Sanjaybhai etc. and talked about the divine sign and as if a miracle had happened, all of them made maps assuring their support with their hearts and money to create Adinath Jinalaya.

This work was accelerated by preparing a plan. Rajula stone was cut for the stone and the quarry was ordered. Later, Shilao (slabs)  from Rajulani mine in a huge truck reached Palitana on (July 10) after worshiping in many villages. A large number of Sadhu Sadhviji along with devotees from Digamber Dharamshala again reached the Jambudwipa complex on the highways. Pujay where Pujya Gurudev Abhaysagarji M.S.’s Pattadhar disciple Pujya A???. A,  a disciple of Ashokasagar Suriji M.S.A., entered Jambudvipa with Prashishams. Also, the Shila was worshipped.

A statue of Dada Adinath will be made out of fifty-five tons of stone – A huge statue of Adinath Dada is being constructed in the Jambudvipa complex near Palitana. A 120 feet mountain will be made of 55 tons of huge stones for the statue. And a grand statue of Dada Adinath of 108 feet will be built out of it. And God will appear. With the blessings of Acharya Bhagwant, construction of this statue will be completed in about two years.