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June, 2022 by Ashesha Jigish Parikh - Team Applied Jainism

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Daily Violence Counter (DVC) is a mobile application that helps one to be aware, to repent, to confess and to pledge to avoid unnecessary harmful activities which have crept in due to modern lifestyle, use of machines, travelling, exposure and easy accessibility of social media and least awareness towards oneself as well as towards environment.  The App has been conceptualised by Dr. Narendra Bhandari, JAS, and designed by Ashesha Jigish Parikh, Research Scholar, Jain Academy of Scholars

Why measure daily violence?

To study and optimize the role of various lifestyles on:

  • Psychological and physiological wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Spiritual growth
  • Harmony in the world
  • Preserving resources for future generations

Besides this, DVC also helps to know about carcinogenic properties, Green House Gas share of an industry and carbon footprint of products.

Once a day think about your DVC before going to bed. Adding these lines to our regular Pratikraman can be a modern way of Pratikraman with awareness and would help to modify lifestyle gradually and effortlessly with confidence.

Pratikraman For Everyone: I want to apologize and repent for any wrongs I have done today, by reviewing my day’s thoughts and deeds. While walking, I may have trampled upon living beings, seeds, green vegetation, dew, ant burrows, moss, wet soil, and spider webs. I may have hurt one-sensed, two-sensed, three-sensed, four-sensed, or five-sensed living beings by kicking them, covering them with dirt, trampling them, colliding them with each other, or touching them. I may have distressed them, hurt them by speech, thoughts, and deeds, frightened them, displaced them, or killed them. I repent for consumption of power, wastage of water, food, resources, providing harms to environment and anyhow supporting mining activities. I am extremely sorry for doing any of the above unworthy activities.

Total types of Jiva = 563

(Sthavar- 22 Sukshma- badar – paryapta, aparyapta, Vikalendriya – 6, tiryanch-20 jalchar, khechar, bhuchar, chatushpad, urparisarpa sammurchim, garbhaj, paryapta, aparyapta, Manushya- 303 i.e.15- karmabhumi, 30 akarmabhumi, 56 antardwip – sammurchim, garbhaj, – paryapta aparyapta), Dev – 198, Narak- 14)

Modes of bad deeds and it apologize for them as, = 304020*6 =1824120

Yog (Man/Vachan/Kaya) = 3 Viradhana = 10

Rag/dwesh = 2 Kal (Past, present, future) = 3

Krut, Karan, Anumodan = 3 Arihant, Siddha, Sadhu, Dev, guru, atma = 6

For example:  This amounts to score displayed as 9500 units of violence index for today and try to reduce it as the goal decided by user for the next day 9250 by agreement to tips provided.

“Kayotsarg/ Meditation for 20 minutes” in future. I confess in the witness of Arihant, Siddha, Sadhu, Dev, guru and myself, I feel bad about it. I repent and seek apology of those sinful acts and also promise that I will not encourage or help anyone to do such acts.

Ref. Jain texts: Sutra Samvedana – Sadhviji Prashamitashreeji Prabodh Teeka – Pandit shri Dheerajlal Tokarshiji, Bhadrankarvijay, Kalyanprabhavijay, Amrutlal Kalidas Doshi

Calculation, Analysis and Score generation: DVC= {(Daily fixed VI) +Occasional VI+ Occupational VI} – {Negative VI from violence reducers}

Daily Violence Index is due to Lifestyle, Occupational activities, Travelling etc.

Occasional/casual Violence Index is due to Travelling, Medicines, Social gathering- parties, Shopping, cosmetics, leather items, clothes, gazettes, vehicles, Machines and due to some Violence Enhancers like, Addictions, conflicts, or some anti-social activities etc.

Occupational Violence Index – List of unjust activities and occupation will help to decide to avoid harmful occupation. Spiritual teaching, Scholastic teaching, medical professional, service providers, working at office, helping the needy, working for family (home maker) etc. are preferred occupations.

Unjust Activities and Professions related to it

  1. Pranatipat – Fisheries, Agriculture, Leather industry, Production of insecticide etc., Slaughter house, poultry, supply of non-vegetarian food items, roasting of pulses -grains-nuts, manufacturing of equipment for machines to help any of the above industry, production of non-cruelty free products, cold storage, production, supply or consumption of alcohol like addictive products, drying water reservoirs, filling them with something or fire the woods to have more available land, sale or purchase of living creatures, salt farming, black magic etc.
  2. Mrushavaad – Related to Taxation and Law, spying, to disclose the hidden matter without the permission, unjust legal agreements, use of bad words, giving curse, moving away from the given promise, propagating incomplete truths or philosophies etc.
  3. Adattadaan – Taxation, stealing and buying or selling the stolen goods, smuggling, helping or encouraging any of the above, use of wrong scales for measurements of goods, cheating, contamination, unjust modifications in accounts, bribe, preparing wrong or unjust documents etc., robbery etc.
  4. Maithun – Sexually or emotionally unjust attachment or forceful involvement, activities related to providing partners for sexual activities etc.
  5. Parigrah – Storage of goods or possessions more than the need etc.
  6. Krodh Police(cop), Jailer, executioner, forcefully compelling for bagging, running business related to jugar, video game parlour, etc. activities, sports related to exciting and fighting of animals/birds/human etc.
  7. Maan – Having prestigious or powerful position etc.
  8. Maya – Acting, politics, beautification, photograph editing etc.
  9. Lobh – Storage of goods to create artificial shortage, accumulation of wealth, use of treatments or machines for more but unjust production of milk or agriculture crops etc.
  10. Raag – Event management, jeweller, matrimonial Agency, using words or gestures for emotional attraction etc.
  11. Dwesh – Politics at micro to macro level (individual, personal relation, family, society etc. level)
  12. Kalah – Bagging, robbery, stealing,
  13. Abhyakhyaan Advocate, Journalist
  14. Paishunya Advocate, Journalist
  15. Rati-arati Event management, Shopping
  16. Parparia vaad Journalist
  17. Maya Mrushavaad Acting, stage performer, play back singing, propagating the philosophy without clear understanding, misguiding someone for the self-benefit
  18. Mithyatva Shalya Active participation in Yajna etc. activities,

Negative Violence Index – Reducers:  Social work, Spiritual activities, Fasting, Prayer for wellbeing of others, Repentance, Confession, promise of not repeating, Scholastic/ Spiritual teaching, Doing house chores by oneself etc.

DVC app also provides for statistical analysis and graphical presentation. Use of exponents of 10 is taken. Results of all the eight categories (Basic Routine, Occupation, Travelling, Entertainment, Shopping, Violence enhancers, Spiritual activities, Violence reducers) individually as well as gross summation will be given. To encourage a Jain lifestyle, we have taken care of giving list of violence reducers along with violence enhancers.

Conclusion: Repent for whatever violations may have committed, such as telling vulgar stories, crude jokes and making fun of others; keeping arms in the house; and excess possessions. Promise to neither get engaged in the occupations related to research and development, production or use of the tools which can kill or harm living beings, e.g., mosquitoes’ repellent, fishing nets, insecticides, pesticides, knife, cutters, swords, gun, instruments for mining etc. nor gift or donate any of these types of instruments, articles, or appliances.

Reducing the production of Green House Gases and Carbon Footprint should be the goal for any kind of activities. Reduce your share of violence without discomfort to yourself.  One person can make a difference. Your little effort can save Humanity and the Ecosystem from collapse. Take away message mutual dependence among living beings without disturbing the Non-living. We exist because of others परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम – अजीवानाम

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Ashesha Jigish Parikh


Ashesha Jigish Parikh, Research Scholar at Jain Academy of Scholars. Her research interest includes Six Mandatories according to Jain Darshan Psychosomatic disorder and Mithyatv.

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Dr. Anil Kumar Jain
Dr. Anil Kumar Jain
1 year ago

Concept of Daily Violence Counter (DVC) is quite interesting. There is a need to popularise it. Congratulations for this innovative idea.