The range of Siddhachal mountains and hills is accredited in history and has a name to reckon with as many many souls have become Siddhas. The Jain tirthankaras also have deep roots embedded here because the founding father of the Jaina religion and practices meditated and gained knowledge and wisdom on this sacred hill. Girnar hills were once part of this Siddhachal range and was the fifth peak of the then holy range of mountains. Lord Neminath’s Diksha and Nirvan happened virtually in the Girnar hills of the then shatrunjaya range of mountains. It is believed that the next 24 thirthankaras of the next maha yug will be associated directly or indirectly with the hills. The entire area on the hills is sanctified by the austerites and purites gained from the knowledge and wisdoms of these great souls. Therefore the girnar hills will always be sacred to the siddhas and tirthankaras and also to general mankind. Shri Simandharswami, the thirthankara of the next maha yug presently residing at the Mahaviday Kshetra visits this sacred place often and offers his respects and reverences to the siddhas and tirthankaras. We humans have the benefit of the darshan of the sacred girnar hills whereas Sri Simandharaswami has the benefit of the direct darshan of siddhas and tirthankaras.