Eco-Diwali Contest

November, 2021 by Sandeep - Team Applied Jainism

Applied Jainism – is a social platform to collaborate & discuss contemporary issues on sustainable co-existence (Parasparopagraho Jīvānām / परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम् where the principle of Jain philosophy & spirituality can guide us and become the torch bearer in the modern age.

This Diwali saw an interesting new concept introduced by Applied Jainism. With the primary objective of furthering the concept of environment protection and Ahimsa, even while celebrating our festivals, Applied Jainism introduced the community to ecofriendly ways of celebrating Diwali.

Applied Jainism hosted a fun contest based on a mobile, memory-matching game, that had 8 eco-friendly ideas under the tiles to be matched. Ideas encompassed the recycling of decorative and diyas, complete abstinence from firecrackers, commitment to zero cellophane packaging, use of natural (non-toxic) Rangolis to reduction in the use of fancy lighting and candles.

Eco-Friendly Diwali – How to Celebrate

No Crackers – Although there are a number of environment-friendly crackers that have begun to flood the market and are definitely less polluting than others, this Diwali, give the fireworks a complete miss.

No Gift Wrapping- Gifting to your loved ones is a major part of Diwali celebration. So, opt for eco-friendly gifts and give up wasteful, plastic, cellophane wrapping which is not bio-degradable.

Reuse Decorative Items Reduce environmental waste by recycling items and particularly diyas. Keep them as you can also use it the next year.

Reduce Electric Lighting Flashy lighting is a part and parcel of our celebrations. Unnecessary consumption of electricity means more carbon emissions. Let’s reduce electric consumption by restricting use of fancy lights.

Say No to Paper Cards- Digital cards are a great environment savior. Discourage the exchange of paper based physical cards and do your bit to protect trees.

Give up Candles – Candles are petroleum-based, and release toxins during burning to affect the air quality. Some of the toxins are benzene, formaldehyde, and lead which are harmful to human and environmental health. If you must use illumination, opt for LED lamps or Diwali lights.

Home Made Sweets- Try to celebrate this occasion with homecooked foods only. But if you have to buy from the shops, then take your own containers.

The game was well received by the community receiving ~3,000 page views from 870 users across the globe. The contest received entries from ~240 players. At the end of the game players also filled out a survey in which >90% vowed to avoid firecrackers this Diwali.

The weeklong contest culminated in a talk show with the eminent professor Dr. Sushma Singhvi on Environment and Economics.

It was heartening to see participation from youngsters and kids. We have two young kids viz. Vihaan Ajit Jain aged 13 years and Dhairya Ajay Shah aged 13 years, make it to the leaderboard.

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An MBA in finance from the ICFAI University and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst degree holder. Based out of Mumbai he works in the business development function at a leading, privately held professional services, company. Sandeep worked for 3 years in London where he got closer to the overseas Jain community and helped in propagating Jain principles amongst the youth. At Applied Jainism Sandeep takes avid part in organising various awareness events and supports in leveraging social media to supplement marketing efforts.

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