Epoch –making Discovery about Human habitable (HH)-Planets (Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations in Ancient Loka)

July, 2022 by Dr. Jeoraj Jain

1. Are we alone in the universe?

Scientists have been searching for about a century,  extra-terrestrial life in the Universe, whether we are alone in the universe. The theory of Fermion paradox said in 1921 that we are not alone. Several researchers were trying to locate habitable zones in other solar systems by focusing telescopes. Theoreticians were developing equations, having several variables, to calculate the probability of hh-planets.

2. Theoretical Equations:

A simple equation developed by Frank Drake  in 1961 had 7 criteria, which were difficult to resolve. It put the probable number of Exo-planets to 17 million. This equation was modified by fine tuning the limits of variables. Further work on it, brought into its fold some special biological factors, based on the practical conditions of life on Earth.

A new Astro-biological Copernican equation, based on the agreement [1] that our development was not random, but on scientific basis, used complicated specialized data. It placed the no. of alien civilizations in Milky Way, which can communicate with us between 4 – 211. By applying some filters on variables in the equation, this number came down to 36 in year 2020. This is the most probable figure. It is liable to be modified slightly, when exact values of variables are available in future.

However, this theoretical figure needs to be validated either by experimental proof or by other means. Some experiments are under way as mentioned below in point 6.

3. Epoch making Figure from scriptures:

3.1. It is a wonderful figure. Because it almost matches with the figure of 40 hh-planets, predicted by us in 2012 on the basis of the newly discovered method of interpretation of Loka [2]. But it was labelled by most people as Myth!

The new interpretation method (SM) envisages that Loka in scriptures has been described by Statistical Method. It means, Jambudvipa (JD) is a conglomerate of land areas of its 9 Khandas or Kshetras (fig. 1). Each statistical khanda has one statistical mountain and 2 statistical Rivers. Statistically each khanda represents the total land area of a HH- planet, whereas its water portion is statistically included in Lavana Ocean. Out of 9 Khetras, Mahavideh  Khetra represents 32 Vijayas. Each Vijaya, with the above statistical traits of one central Mountain and two Rivers , represents a similar HH- planet.  Thus there are total 40 Kshetras, representing 40 HH- planets in JD land Disc.

Humanoids (Manushya), as per scriptures, are those gross bodied Living-beings, who have 5 senses and developed mind with developed communicating speech faculty.

3.2. SM interpretation of statistical JD Disc:

Interpretation of the Statistical Disc of Jambudwipa, reveals that there are 40 HH-planets, inhabited by humanoids in JD (fig 1), i.e. our Galaxy system. Even the environmental conditions and development level of their civilizations are described as follows:

On 2 Earths  hh-planets (Kuru)            First Era (Araha) conditions,      Primitive Stage of Development.

On 2 Earths (Harivarsh, Hemvay)         Second Era (Araha),                     2nd stage of of Development

On 2 Earths (Heranyavay, Ramyak)    Third  Era;                                      3rd  stage of of Development

On 32 Maha Videha Earths               Fourth Era,                                   Spiritually developed

On 2 Earths (Bharat and Airavat)    Fifth Era                                     Scientifically  developed

Development levels of these civilizations are given below in a Tabular form.

4. Communicaion Potential:

Further work to fine tune the limits of variables, now places the number of intelligent civilizations, which can respond / communicate through radio signals,  at just only one.  It means, out of 36, just one civilization would be able to communicate with us !

Also compare it with the figure discovered from the new interpretation of Loka. It claimed that there is only one Civilization (Airawat planet), whose development level is similar to ours.

5. Development Level as per scriptures:

i) It is also mentioned that 32 civilizations in Milky Way are spiritually so advanced that some of their humans have capability to communicate through telepathy or advanced spiritual systems. But we do not have that spiritual capability.

ii) Six civilizations are not developed and are like Cave-dwellers in Milky Way. They do not have any social systems. See annexed Table of different civilizations.

iii) Moreover, Omniscient, explaining the whole Universe have revealed that there are 200 = 56 (256) total intelligent civilizations in the whole Universe, represented statistically in Adhai Dwipa (fig 4). Out of it, there are only 9 other civilizations, which have capabilities to establish radio contact with us. 160 Civilizations have people with advanced spiritual capabilities to communicate with us, but none of us has that capability to receive and respond. 30 civilizations are in primitive state, like cave-dwellers, depending solely on forest products. These 30 are also in 3 different stages of development.

Another 56 special human civilizations (Antardvipa) are also in us . Galaxy system, which do not belong to JD. But they form a part of  Milky way Galaxy system. One possibility is that the 40 hh-planets of JD are in our Galaxy, but the other 56 may be on some other planets in dwarf galaxies of system. Their development is at the same level as that of Cave dwellers only.

6. Experimental Communication:

Researchers have been sending coded signals in the space. In 1974 radio signals were directed towards habitable zones of Milky way, containing millions of stars. In 2012 radio signals in special coded signals, which can be easily descripted, were beamed towards densely inhabited zones of Milky Way. Some signals were also received in 1977 from space. But scientists were not sure, whether they were from young stars or from aliens or from outside of our galaxy? The nearest intelligent civilization is about 17000 LY (light years) away from us. It means, it will take      34 000 LY to get response from that civilization. As such validation of the mathematically determined HH- planets by this method looks to be near impossible, unless a method to communicate faster than light is developed by science. .

However, the independent details given in the ancient scriptures may provide support to the validity or correctness of the equation. As per ancient scripture, the size and shape of humanoids belong to at least 5 different types of groups. All of them have 5 sensed – organs with developed speech faculty for communication. .

# Important: The world Scientist community may take a serious note of this extra-ordinary power of scriptures, which has revealed such exact information about unknown world some 2600 years ago. [2]

Apart from HH–planets, there are innumerable planets in the galaxies, which are inhabited by sub-humans only i.e. without having humanoids.

7. Table of civilizations Postulates from Scriptures expressed in Scientific Language:
Based on the original interpretation of Loka by SM, it was predicted in 2012 that there are 40 HH-Planets in our Milky Way, as mentioned below.

SN  Name of HH-Planets in Jambudwipa 

(Fig. 1, 2)

Total number  Time Era (Araha) Scientific  and Spiritual Development   

(Fig.1  and  2)

Possibility of Reaching there    Communication Possibilities by

Scientific Means / Spiritual Means 

 1.   Bharat Kshetra (A part of our Earth Fig. 3 ) and Airawat Kshetra 2 Like 5th Era conditions. Scientific and Technical developments are in progress. Spiritual progress on decline. Very far off. Impossible to reach Airawat Kshetra for humans.  Airawat Kshetra is competent in Radio communication. But both  Civilizations are incompetent in spiritual communication.



Hh-planets, called Maha-VidehasI




Like 4th Era conditions. Scientific developments are stagnant. Spiritual peak progress, i.e. emancipation is possible.


Very far off. Impossible to reach there for humans.


All are incapable to do radio communications. But all are competent for spiritual communication.

However, the receiver has also to be competent to communicate in it.

3. Hemvay Kshetra and Heranya Vaya Kshetra 2. Like 3rd  Era conditions. Non-active people.  No social order. Forest dwellers. Small  body height.(Bigger than us)  Very far off. Impossible to reach.  Incompetent both in radio and spiritual communication.
 4.  Harivarsh Kshetra and Ramyak Kshetra  2 Like 2nd   Era. Non-active people.  No social order. Forest dwellers. Medium  body height. .  Very far off. Impossible to reach there. Incompetent both in radio and spiritual communication.
5. Dev Kuru and Uttar Kuru Kshetra 2 Like 1st Era. Non-active people. No social order. Forest dwellers. Big height. Very far off. Impossible to reach there. Incompetent both in radio and spiritual communication.

Above Table reveals that:

  1. Total HH-planets in our Milky-Way, including our Earth = 40 (As per the latest scientific research, it is 36 )
  2. Total HH- planets in dwarf galaxies, incompetent (Antardwipa) to receive radio signals from Earth = 56
  3. Total HH-planets in entire Loka =200 (fig 4), including civilizations developed as our Earth = 10 (fig 5)
  4. Civilizations Competent to receive and respond to our Radio signals = One (One)
  5. Civilizations competent to receive radio signals from our Earth, but will not respond = 32
  6. Civilizations incompetent to receive and respond to radio signals from our Earth = 6

Note: The figures in Itelics – are based on the recent findings by science [1]


[1] U-Tube: (21.10.20 ), “ 36 Alien Civilizations in the Milky way”,  at ydhiman1231@gmail.com [my email 6.1.21] [2] Jain Jeoraj, (Feb. 2014), Discovering the Total Contents of the Universe,  J Astrophysics & Aerospace Technology,

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He has advanced a scientific hypothesis of the Life form of Water without DNA and RNA.

He discovered that the contents of Jain Loka are described by Statistical Method in scriptures. It resolves the present riddles of Loka.

He received the “Vigyan Ratan Award” from Gyan Sagar Science Foundation, 2017. He has authored three  books on Water and Lokakash.

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1 year ago

Very informative article combining modern science and jain universe. Let us know the titles of three books the learned Dr. jain has authored.