A Dialogue that inspires Self-Study

Passion for life, the feeling of happiness and sorrow, the sensation of hunger and thirst, the aversion to old age and sickness and the fear of death: these matters, to name a few, are associated with all living beings in general and human beings in particular. The distinction between mankind and other living beings lies in that a man is far superior to all other living beings on the planet. This precisely is the reason why in every theology, the birth of man is said to be rare and excellent. Every man has a mind full of intellect and a heart full of sensitivity. We have made many scientific discoveries by our strength, by our intelligence, and by our skill. These discoveries have enhanced our conveniences. Going beyond the boundaries of knowledge, we are constantly achieving newer realms of knowledge.

On the other hand, human society has always benefited from the vastness of religion. It is essential to build an organization adorned with compassion and sentimentality. At the heart of religion is the salvation of the soul: Sadhana for equilibrium and Sadhana for equality are necessary. Religion is the art of teaching happiness, peace, and contentment. Our Guru used to say that “‘how you are?’ is more important than ‘who you are’”.

However, if we look at the element called ‘religion’ today, it is found in a single institution, in some structure, as if it were the property of a particular class! We do not try to find religion in the heart of man. It is not reflected in the behaviour of mankind. Instead of religion being a code of conduct in the formation of society, today, it is shrouded in distinctions and divisions. AS a result, it can be seen as being stuck between the arguments of ‘my truth’ and ‘your truth’. The primary function of religion was to find the ultimate truth. But instead of finding the ultimate truth, the element of conflict crept in when religion got entangled in the argument of who is more truthful and who is more enlightened. When conflict arises, it damages humanity immensely.

In Jain Avenue Magazine our one of the objectives is to bring clarity and transparency in the thought process of the people. We also wish to get the people closest to the element. Jain Avenue uses all its energy for the same purpose in the interest of the society. It is a unique undertaking for the social welfare of understanding religion and understanding meaning.

Such a phenomenon is rarely seen in modern times because of such occasions of creating harmony through magazines. Our ultimate goal is ‘to attain the ultimate truth for all’.

This is a beacon of light that invites the whole world to find the truth that lies dormant within all of us. These words will always remain inscribed in time to come, the time that is slowly but firmly bidding farewell to the darkness.

Let’s read, reflect and render…

Dr. Sejal Shah (Ph.D.)