Jain Architecture

September, 2021 by Aastha Mehta

Jainism, one of the oldest religions to originate in India, has had a widespread influence in art, architecture, and sculpture through the subcontinent. Some of the popular temples and architecture can be seen in Western India – The Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves as well as the Dilwara temples.
Sculpture, though stylistically similar to other religions, depicts images that are specifically Jain. Jain sculpture was more a product of its time, evolving in creation based on what was used and popular at the time. A few of the most famous Jain sculptures include various ayagapatas, sculptures of tirthankaras, and a 57-foot tall Bahubali.
Jain manuscripts also depict illustrations with the same themes as other forms of Jain art – the Tirthankaras, their lives, and teachings of Jainism. One interesting practice is that frontal views of faces were reserved for Tirthankaras alone, and all others were illustrated in profile. As with the other art forms, these illustrations changed over time based on what colors, paper, and materials were available.
This article shows how Jain art has existed over time and how it has evolved since its inception too.
To know more: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-arthistory/chapter/jain-art/


co-edited by Aastha Mehta

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