JAINA Convention 2021 – Tremendous Momentum Continues!

April, 2021 by Jainmagazine

“JAINISM : A Resilient Path to Peace”

The Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) will be celebrating its 21st Convention on the Fourth of July weekend — from July 1st to 6th, 2021. This year, the virtual event is planned to be a global event and is expected to attract an even larger audience from the USA, Canada, India, UK, Australia, UAE and many other countries. In face of all the turbulence throughout the world in the last year, it is paramount for us to be vigilant, compassionate, tolerant and to “keep the faith”. The Convention will showcase our firm belief that spirituality enables us to sustain our sense of self and purpose through beliefs, principles, values, and morals. Hence the theme for this year’s Convention is “A Resilient Path to Peace”.

Key Highlights 

  • Registration reached at 5800+
  • 55+ Spiritual Speakers and Thought Leaders confirmed
  • 130+ sessions and 10+ programs spread from July 1st – July 6th
  • High-caliber Hindi Drama with a top-notch cast “Rang De Sanskar” confirmed
  • FIrst-time ever Virtual Tirthdham Darshan of 24 Tirths  using cutting-edge technology
  • Sunheri Yaadein – Melodies of last 40 years from a Grand Stage to celebrate JAINA’s 40 years

A high-caliber, humorous Hindi drama with a talented cast sure to resonate with a multi-generational global Jain audience

Public Relations and Media Committee Chair Mr. Vipul Shah of Chicago is thrilled to announce the progress made in the last few weeks with registered participants already approaching 6000 from 20+ countries. A number of additional prolific speakers (now 55+) as well as programs and events have now been confirmed including humorous Hindi drama Rang De Sanskar with a top-notch cast and Virtual Tirthdham Darshan of 24 Tirthdhams enabled by amazing drone videography and photography. Sunheri Yaadein – Bollywood melodies from the last 40 years from a Grand Stage will help reminisce the 40 years of JAINA, while Jain Centers and community members will showcase their talent and vibrancy in Festivities of the World!  

JAINA convention 2021 is an invitation to all who aspire for a peaceful resilient recovery from the pandemic and to reweave the delicate fabric of humanity.  Come join us, with our collective wisdom we will dream and create a nonviolent future of Love, Peace and Collaboration. And we will also have some good fun, the Jain way!

For additional information about this convention and to register, please visit us online at:


For Further Information, please contact: Mr. Vipul Shah, Chair of Public Relations and Press-Media Committee of JAINA Convention 2021 or its Co-Chair, Mr. Rahul Jain at pr@jaina.org / 847-809-8756


Founded in 1981, JAINA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.  JAINA (www.jaina.org) is the umbrella organization of 70+ North American centers / temples in the USA and Canada.  Operated by a staff of hundreds of volunteers, it functions as a philanthropic, educational, and service-focused organization.  JAINA is certified by USAID as a non-governmental humanitarian organization and was awarded Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2006.  Its member Jain Centers routinely organize free wellness clinics, hold classes on healthy lifestyles, conflict-resolution, inter-cultural dialogues, volunteering at animal shelters, food banks and homeless shelters, and partnering with civic groups such as Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society, Rotary, Lions and Boy/Girl Scouts.  JAINA partners globally with humanitarian organizations to render disaster relief, medical aid, polio eradication, restorative limb camps, as well as organizing annual Legislative Conferences on Peace, Harmony and Non-Violence on Capitol Hill.

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