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April, 2021 by Dr. Sulekh Jain, Dr. Bipin Doshi, Parag Shah

The science of liberation or eternal happiness is a spiritual science. However, the fundamental of this spiritual science is interrelationship between consciousness and karmic particles. Till the liberation does not occur there is continuous inflow, bondage and outflow of karmic particles in relation to soul happening every moment. The soul is a consciousness which is called Siddha in liberated form or the state without any karmic particles’ attachments. The karmic particles are subtle matter particles (Pudgal) present abundantly in the whole universe. They have affinity to bind with the soul. It is the soul who is doer, enjoyer and sufferer resulting out of interaction with karmic particles. It is also important to note that the karmic particles are influenced only by the soul to which they are attached. The play of soul with karmic particles on the pitch of lives is very important to understand the concept of 7 or 9 Tattvas. The ultimate aim is to get rid of all the karmic particles and making the soul in its purest form. It is like purifying the gold ore into pure gold.

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Dr. Sulekh Jain, Parag Shah
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About Author


Dr. Sulekh Jain


Dr. Sulekh Jain has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and has done an MBA and has been an international consultant in technology. He is the founder and co-founder of many organizations and institutions in North America. He has travelled extensively to spread Jainism and has been at the forefront of many religious and social activities. He has to his credit several awards and honors.

Dr. Bipin Doshi

Dr. Bipin Doshi


Dr. Bipin Doshi is a physician, Jain Scholar, writer, and a Social worker. He is one of the pioneers of promoting awareness and education on Jainism. An active mentor of various organizations in the field of Jainism and social service. Story writer and presenter of Jainism theme-based dramas like Gandhi before Gandhi, Jagdushah etc. creating novelty.

Parag Shah

Parag Shah


Parag Shah is a community coordinator of the Bhagwan Mahavir & Chow Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship program at the Rice University in Houston, USA. Parag is an engineer training currently working as an Engineering Director in Houston.

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