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Michchhāmi Dukkadam is another greeting which requests forgiveness usually spoken after performing the annual forgiveness and repentance day ritual known as Samvatsari Pratikraman. Ideally, the forgiveness should be requested as soon as one realizes his/her mistake.



“Samvatsari is an opportunity to Seek Forgiveness by opening our hearts and seeking a soulful apology with teary eyes and unwinding all the old knots of misunderstandings, wrong opinions and grudges between our near and dear ones. It signifies a unique process of Self Purification namely Alochana (Confession) and Kshamapana (Forgiveness).”

Pujya Shri NamraMuni Maharaj Saheb


“Paryushan neither belongs to nor is related to any individual or religion.
Two things are important in Bhagvan Mahavir’s teachings: the first is protection of the environment and for that you have to accept maitri, friendliness. Only when you become a friend can you protect something or someone; Paryuparshan Parva is also called Maitri Parva. The second most important teaching is Parasparopagraho Jivanam — you need earth, water, air, plants and animals for your survival; you make use of everything that nature offers. But you have to remember, just like you take, you should also give back to the earth”

– Acharya Chandanashriji


“This paryushan strengthen your feelings of friendliness for all, appreciation for virtuous and forgiveness for all hurts and hates”

– Sri RakeshBhai


The Jain scholar Hemachandra gave “Michami Dukdam” a symbolic etymological basis in his Yogasastra verse 3.124, as the following:

mi is “miu maddava”, connoting “gentleness”

cha is “dosanam chayana”, connoting “the veiling of faults”

mi, me is “a-merae thiya”, connoting “abiding in the limitless”

du is “duganchami appanam”, connoting “I loath myself”

ka is “kadam me pavam”, connoting “I have committed sin”

dam is “devemi tam uvasamenam”, connoting “I go beyond it through attaining to calm”


“Samvatsari festival is a marvellous tradition. It is a festival of forgiveness, non-violence and friendship.”

Sri Narendra Modi


Co-edited – Sejal Zaveri 

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