Kundalpur is one of the most revered Digambar Temple. It has a large image of Rishabdev (also known as Bade Baba) in sitting (Padmasana) posture and is 15 feet in height. This is also the place of salvation of Antim Kevali Shridhar Kevali. There are 64 Jain temples of various type in this Siddh Kshetra 42 on the hill and 22 on the foothill and a temple called Jal Mandir is situated in the middle of the pond Vardhaman Sagar. Many Temples constructed between 7th and 13 century were destroyed by the invaders. The temple ruins were re – discovered by Bhattaraka Suredrakirti. Later his disciples took the initiative to rebuild and at that time powerful Bundela dynasty ruler Maharaja Chhatrasal gave due assistance. Since 1999 Acharya Vidyasagar has been the main source of in inspiration for the renovation.