Muchhal Mahavir temple is a Jain temple dedicated to Lord Mahavir, at Ghanerao, in Pali district in Rajasthan state in India. The place is on the route from Falna to Kumbhalgarh. The fair is held here every year on the thirteenth day of the month of Chaitra.

Muchhal Mahavir temple along with Ranakpur, Narlai, Nadol and Varkana forms “Gorwad Panch Tirth”.

According to Jain legends, Rana Raj Singh I of Mewar once visited this temple to offer prayer. He noticed a white hair while putting saffron to the idol. Upon question about the hair, the temple priest replied that the hair was from the moustaches of Lord Mahavira. Following, this Rana insisted to see moustache. The temple priest fasted for three days and pleased with this the protecting deity showed moustache on the face of the idol. When Rana uprooted the moustache, blood oozed out of the spot. Following this Rana became a staunch devoutee of the Mahavira and the idol was named Mucchal Mahavir, or the Mahavir who had a moustache.

The temple is built in Nagara architecture. The temple is a curviliean superstructure decorated with multiple turrets and decorated pillars. The entrance of the temple has an intricately carved torana and outside the door of the temple are two large black colored idols of elephant on each side. The temple is famous for detailed cavings. The temple also has a dharamshala equipped with all modern facilities and bhojnalaya.

Muchhal Mahavir is the name given to Lord Mahavir when he once had a mustache. The story behind mustache was that Rana of Mewar visited the temple on passing by for hunting. On offering refreshment by the priest, he found a strand of hair in the prasad.

He asked the priest if his Lord has a mustache. He also didn’t offer prayer that day and demanded the priest to show him Lord Mahavir in mustache after three days on his return from the hunt. The priest offered prayers for 2 days.

Impressed by his prayers Lord Mahavir appeared before the priest and told him to cover the idol with a cloth. On Rana return, he asked to disclose the idol from the cloth.

King found mustache and a beard also in the Lord Mahavir idol. Rana realized its mistake and asked the priest to forgive him. Since then Lord Mahavir is praise as Muchhal Mahavir.