Non-Violence, Sustainability and Ahimsā

July, 2023 by Dharaa and Nishit

Non-Violence and Sustainability

As a young person considering how to apply principles of Jainism to my daily modern life, I consider sustainable choices to be one of the keyways to practice non-violence. These days, sustainability is a hot topic, sometimes a polarizing buzzword used by our global institutions to encompass a wide array of choices around protecting our climate and the human race. While there are certainly many articles and authors that discuss the role of  institutions in making sustainable choices, I’d like to focus on the more human, day-to-day side of sustainability and how Jainism non-violence is a huge part of it.

Practicing Ahimsā in Daily Life

जयं चरे जयं चिट्ठे, जयमासे जयं सए I
जयं भुंजंतो मासंतो, पावकम्मं ण बंधइ II

Alertness in Walking

Over time, I have inculcated the practice of walking by looking down and not rushing unnecessarily while walking to try to protect small insects and beings. Also, I am now more conscious of not walking on grass and changing my route wherever possible. Sometimes I miss it in the first instance, but just like a reflex, the memory of alertness pops up and reminds me to look down rather than look around. Hoping, it will become Sat Sanskãr over time and remain deeply implanted in the soul.

Recipe of the Month By Heena Modi

Healthy and Delicious Chia Seed Pudding

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