This Tirth is ensconced on the banks of Barakar River, situated near the Barakar Village. The presiding Diety is Sri Mahavir swami by his Foot Prints in all four directions. This tirth in the foot hills of the Sri Shikharji Tirth is 12 km away from Girdih. In the ancient times, the Barakar river was known as Rujubaluka river. Sri Mahavir swami Bhagwan achieved Kevalgnan on the auspicious day of Vaishakh sud Dasam on the banks the Rujubaluka River under a Shaal tree in the field of the farmer named Shaymak. Every atom in this Tirth has become exceedingly sacred due to the stern penance exeecise by Lord Mahavir here for a period of 12 years and subsequently his achieving a Kevalgnan here. Within the last ten years, two gorgeous new temples are under construction behind the main Temple.