This temple belongs to the 12th century. There is a very interesting story behind the origin of this beautiful and delightful idol of Bhagwan Sherisa Parshvanath. Seeing the natural beauty of Sherisa village, Acharya Shri Devendrasurishvarji was overjoyed and felt that this place was right for spiritual endeavours. By his divine knowledge, he saw a huge stone lying under the earth in the village. He felt that a beautiful idol of Bhagwan could be carved out of that stone. So, he prayed to Goddess Padmavati by fasting for three days (Attham tap). Goddess Padmavati appeared before him and gave him the necessary directions. Accordingly, a blind sculptor from the village of Soparak was called. This blind sculptor started to carve a beautiful idol after sunset from the stone which was found. He carved this idol of Parshvanath by fasting for three days. Before sunrise, a captivating idol of Parshvanath was carved. This idol was carved in a single night. That same night, Acharyaji thought of bringing four other idols of Thirthankaras from Ayodhya by his divine powers. Three idols reached Sherisa before sunrise and one idol was installed in Dharasenak village. Twenty-four more idols of Thirthankaras were brought to Sherisa. Kumarpal Maharaja also got a captivating idol made for this temple. All these idols were installed in a huge temple by Acharya Shri Devendrasurishvarji. The idol carved by the blind sculptor came to be known as “Sherisa Parshvanath”. The Mulnayak idol of Parshvanath was vaccilating and hence it