Mahavirji Tirth is an important and developed pilgrimage center in Rajasthan. This tirth is situated on the back of river ‘Gambhir’ of Chandanpur village of Rajasthan. The lovely, old and impressive idol of Lord Mahavir adorns the temple.

This unique idol was found between 17th and 18th century in the nearby hills of chandanpur. There are some mysterious and miraculous tales associated with the idol and how it manifested from the bottom of the hill. As per the story, a cow of a cobbler did not give milk while she stood on a particular spot on the hill. He had his own doubts about this, so he stared excavating the hill and to his surprise, a beautiful God’s idol was discovered. Feeling grateful to God, he established the idol in the temple with utter faith and devotion. As the fame spread in all directions, more and more devotees poured in. They experienced a feeling of utter peace and fulfillment of all their desires.

As a result, a glorious new temple was constructed and the idol of Lord Mahavir in pasmasan was installed. The footprints of Prabhu were established in a Charan Chhatri at the place from where the magical idol was recovered. The artistic construction style and the collective scene of Shikhara give a divine look to the temple. The summits of the temple look, from a distance, like a divine city. The building style of the temple is very fascinating. The copper colored idol of Lord Mahavir is in padmasan posture Alongside the main temple is the two-storied second building, measuring 27*19.5*28 meters built by Seth Moolchandji to exhibit the golden models. These portray, on the ground floor, the panchakalyanakas of Lord Adinath. The second floor depicts Mount Sumeru and the thirteen island and the seas. The ceiling above is beautifully ornamented and lit. From it are suspended the models of vimanas bringing it the gods to celebrate the five kalyanakas. The model of Ayodhya shows the thress-storied palace of Prince Rishabhanath. On one story he is shown holding court, the second shows dancing Devaganas, and the third has Nilanjana dancing.

Ajmer is a major railway station on the Ahmedabad – Delhi line. It is well linked by buses to all major cities in Rajasthan and to important cities in neighboring states. The nearest airport is Jaipur (120 kms), connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and a few other places in India.

As Ajmer is a district headquarters and an important international tourist center (Pushkar as well as the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti are nearby), there is no dearth of places to stay, ranging from dharmshalas to hotels.