It is impossible for anyone entering Mehsana from the south, along the highway from Ahmedabad to Mt Abu, to miss Simandharswami Temple. The awe-inspiring sight of this grand temple built on an elevated platform on the outskirts of the city. The sight of the Shri Simandharswami Moksha Praveshdwar itself is enough to fills pilgrims with joy. This is a modern temple built in elegant traditional style on a grand scale. It measures 49 meter in length, 30 meter in width and 33 meter in height. It is dedicated to Lord Simandharswami, whose white colored idol, 3.68 meter high, depicts him in the padmasana posture. Unlike most of the Tirthankars, who hail from the Bharat region, Simandhar Swami is from the Mahavideha region. In these regions, even today, Tirthankars are born who take renunciation and attain nirvana.