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Ahimsã of King Asoka July, 2023 Amulyachandra Sen

Excerpts from Asoka’s Edicts The virtues that Asoka desired to inculcate among his subjects were the following as referred to again and again in one or other of the Inscriptions, viz. mercifulness towards all living beings; charities and gifts to Brahmana,Sramanas, ascetics, friends, relatives and acquaintances; truthfulness, purity of thought, honesty, gentleness, gratitude, self restraint, steadfastness, non-injury to animal life and fear of sin; moderation in spending and in ownership; respectfulness towards parents, elders and teachers; proper behaviour towards Brahmans,  ascetics, relatives, servants and slaves; avoidance of ferocity, cruelty, anger pride and envy, exertion in good works; relieving the sufferings of the aged, the indigent  and the sick, toleration of and respectfulness towards others’ faiths, avoidance of meaningless rituals, avoidance of sectarian bigotry etc