World has two options: Non-violence or Extinction

August, 2020 by Dr. Rajmal Jain

Corona pandemic has created uncertainty and fear that existed never before in the history and the human mind before today. The scientific and technological inventions have attempted to control nature and brought it to the services of human beings. But yet the man, society, and nation are not satisfied with the gains they achieved. Our selfish desires for “more” have created an unhappy atmosphere everywhere, and an imbalance in nature. It is because of this “more”, that our need has turned to greed and compassion to passion. This happened as technological developments were out of control of spirituality and as a result, several conflicts evolved over the globe such as “poverty, socio-economic imbalance, unemployment, drinking water, health, climate change” etc. It appears that the corona pandemic is also a consequence of our greed and passion for which we destroyed the geosphere and biosphere. Therefore, a question arises whether the corona pandemic is revenge of nature on the human, animals are killed in billions for food by men, many of which have become extinct in the past 50 years. In order to address this question, we study the killing of various animals for food in terms of meat eaten per capita per year in 120 different countries over the globe. We split up these 120 countries into two groups based on the definition: Mc (Meat consumption) ≥ 30 kg/capita/year as high and <30 kg/capita/year as low consumption country. We present briefly the statistics of these high and low meat consumption countries in the perspectives of coronavirus data. We report, for the first time, that mortality due to coronavirus is 2-4 orders of magnitude higher in the high meat eating countries (Mc ≥30kg) relative to those low consumption (Mc <30kg) countries as shown in the spectrum plot. This figure unambiguously and explicitly reveals that vegetarian food is the best for health and immunity, and, in other words, it warns men against killing animals and other species. The figure, in present circumstances, also suggests that man has two options: Ahimsa (non-violence) or extinction. This is in a context that animals, birds, and other species release emotional waves (Traube-Hering waves) in the infrasonic waveband, which interact with Tejas body and thereby our killing act is scripted on Karman body. Thus we may conclude that large mass killing of animals and other organisms is taking revenge in a unified way in terms of COVID-2019.

Figure 1: Spectrum of mortality rate due to COVID-2019 as a function of meat consumption in 120 countries of the world. The red and green points refer to high and low meat-eating countries respectively. The blue points refer to those high meat-eating countries which, however, believe in non-possession and undergo fasting, such as Ethiopia, for more than 50 days in a year.

It is very interesting to note from the data, described in ISJS transaction (July 2020), and Ahimsa World (August 2020), that USA is the highest meat-eating country @ 120 kg/capita/year and total deaths are also higher in this country until 05 June 2020 @ 3.35X10-4/capita. On the other hand, the lowest meat is eaten in Bangladesh and next in India @ 4 and 4.4 kg/capita/year respectively, where, the deaths took place until 05 June 2020 @ 4.9X10-6 and 4.6X10-6/capita respectively, almost two orders less than the USA. Further, we found a total of 3 and 11 countries without any report of death due to COVID-2019 in the case of Mc ≥ 30 kg and Mc-30 kg, respectively. This reveals, in the first instance, that low meat eatting countries have about 4 times less mortality relative to high meat eatting countries. Further, we obtained a mean of meat consumption/capita/year in high and low meat-eating countries as 78.07±21.03 kg and 15.31±6.54 kg, respectively. Similarly, the mean of mortality rate per capita in both high and low meat-eating countries is measured as 1.21X10-4 ±1.8X10-4 per capita and 9.59X10-6 ±2.38X10-6 per capita.

The ratio of the mean of meat consumption of high to low meat-eating countries is ~5.1 and similarly of the mortality rate is ~126.2. This fraction reveals that high meat consuming countries as on average eat about 5.1 times meat higher relative to low meat consuming countries but their mortality rate is 126.2 times higher relative to low meat consuming countries. This is a great message from animals who are killed by humans for food and thereby destroying ecosystem.

The spectrum figure obviously indicates Shakahar (vegetarian) food is significantly better than Mansahaar (non-vegetarian) food, particularly in the perspective of infrasonic wave energy deposition in the ecosphere. Thus, we may conclude that COVID-2019 is collective revenge by the animals and the lost spices against the cruelty done by human beings for their lust of food, selfishness, passion, and possession, etc. The coronavirus (COVID-2019) is just a global warning to human society to stop killing of animals and other different species.

We strongly believe that it was a failure of the modern world to shun away spirituality and religion from the public domain and mainstream social life. Spirituality and religion have the potential to nurture and nourish virtues and positive values in a man. Our ability to refashion the social, economic, cultural, and administrative structures in a way that contributes to social harmony, global harmony, and harmony with laws of Nature and Cosmic order will determine human sustainability on the planet. Therefore, this is an unprecedented opportunity and possibility to ponder collectively over how we can slowly channelize our socio-economic and socio-cultural activities in harmony with the laws of Mother Nature. The present corona pandemic is a warning to humanity as well as an opportunity that is to be cleverly crafted to enable us to realize and rectify mistakes in our present way of life and perception and to restore the real new normal of human life. We indeed need extraordinary determination and collective will to change the inherited lifestyle and belief systems. Therefore, the utmost requirement is to Nexus between human predicament and way of life for which, however, we humans have to reveal universal love and compassion with each and every life, small or big. Thus, we have to change our lifestyle convolving “ahimsa and aparigraha” so as to save our Mother Earth, otherwise to be ready for extinction.

About Author

Dr. Rajmal Jain

Dr. Rajmal Jain

Prof. Rajmal Jain, born on 14 January 1952 (Makar Sakranti), is an internationally acclaimed space scientist of Physical Research Laboratory, Dept. of Space, who has made fundamental contribution to the development of Solar and Planetary Physics and related instrumentation in India.
co-edited by : Ajit Nisar

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