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Ashish is currently in his final year of B.Tech(Civil). In Spite of pursuing civil engineering he is a tech enthusiast and is the reason for him being a successful founder of website “Jain Lyrics Official”. Jain Lyrics Official is a one stop for all jain stavan stuti sajjay lyrics. Keen, passionate for classical music and professionally trained under Jatin Bid(fame of famous songs like “Raja Aapo Have Dada”,”Rome Rome Hu Taro”, “Vairagi Ne Vandan” and many more) for keyboard.

Jainism before Shraman Bhagwan Mahavira? September, 2020 Ashish Jakhariya

23rd Jain Tirthankar Shree Parswanath's fourth pattadhar (disciple) was Shree Keshishraman and their pattadhar (disciple) Shree Swayamprabhsuri was the leader of Vidhyadhar Kul and master of knowledge and many arts.