Author: Dimple Mande

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Dimple is an MBA, Finance from NMIMS. Currently working as Asst. VP at a Leading privately held professional services, company, she has supported Eco-friendly initiatives at the Inner Wheel Club of Thane Garden City since, 2018. Looking for opportunities to make a meaningful impact with regard to Climate, she joined the Applied Jainism team.

Fast fashion needs to slow down July, 2022 Dimple Mande

In current times, most Jains believe if I follow all the restrictions related to food, do fasting, go to the temple/Upashraya and do the poojas/samayik – I’m following Jainism. But are we following Jainism in the true sense? NOT till we realize and start following similar restrictions in all areas of lifestyle.

Detergents and Water Pollution March, 2022 Dimple Mande

We love the smell of fresh laundry, but………………… Do you know that cleaning has a direct impact on marine living beings and environment? Bhagavan Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism included Ahimsa as a fundamental principle. All life is sacred, and every living being has a right to live fearlessly.