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The author Dr.Minal Mehta is a doctor who completed her doctorate in biomedical sciences from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 2017. Currently working with AstraZeneca as a research scientist in the cardiovascular and metabolic disease research group, she has come to value the merits of fasting from a combined Jain philosophy and scientific perspective.

I am a firm believer that everything in life should be done in moderation, and this goes for fasting too. When practiced to extreme levels, fasting can lead to severe consequences.Proper nutrition is important for survival.While fasting is a great way to keep our body in check, it is also equally important to eat healthy food, which includes a balanced and nutritious diet that consists of fruits and vegetables. Intermittent fasting allows the body to adapt to taking in less food, providing the self-control over our hunger. There are variations of intermittent fasting as well, where one can practice alternate days of fasting and eating, where the choice can be determined based on personal preferences and schedules. Incorporating intermittent fasting in our everyday routine helps to maintain that energy balance over lethargy. You can be mentally and physically more aware and focused on when practicing this intermittent fasting regime every day.I hope I have convinced you that abstaining from food for a moderate period within your daily routine can be great for your health. Allowing the body to attune to fasting-induced metabolic adaptations will have a positive and lasting impact on your mind, body, and soul. Collectively, it connects you back to a simpler, authentic and Jain way of living.

Jainism, Science and Intermittent Fasting August, 2020 Dr. Minal Mehta

I have recently incorporated an intermittent fasting protocol within my daily routine as I have come to really appreciate the wonders this can do for your health