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Dr. Narendra Bhandari, a Space Scientist, professor, author, and editor was amongst the first group of scientists to study the moon samples brought by Apollo missions of NASA and Luna missions of USSR. He was responsible for conceiving and defining the science objectives of Chandrayaan-1. He has won several awards nationally and internationally.  

Jain Dharm: Darshan and practice December, 2022 Dr. Narendra Bhandari

If we ask this question to a layman or Acharyas, many of them will say “Ahimsa parmo dharm”, that is the crux or the essence of Jain religion. How can it be? I wonder. Ahimsa can only be a practice, and a minor one; How it can encompass the whole philosophy of Jain Dharma. It has been limited to avoiding killing of small (sukshma) and helpless jivas in daily routine.

Existential Dilemma of Jain Society – Options and Consequences April, 2021 Dr. Narendra Bhandari

The question we want to debate here is ‘Can a peace-loving, non-violent, miniscule, society survive in a widespread violent global environment, and if it can, for how long? This question has arisen because presently we have an atmosphere of intolerance, violence and some groups of