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Geeta Mehta currently works at the Department of Philosophy (K. J. Somayia College of Arts and Commerce), Somaiya Vidyavihar. Their current project is 'The fourth Volume of 'Saman suttaman COMPREHENSIVE STUDY ' will be published soon. The IV part is already published .She has arranged a seminar on Philosophy of Vinoba Bhave as suggested by ICPR at Wardha ,Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University from 5TH - 7TH Feb 2018. Currently she is making fair copy of the running notes written during 1960 to 1965 with Acharya Vinoba Bhave. In-between writing papers for Seminars and conferences.

Ecological Insight in Jainism July, 2022 Geeta Mehta

Ecology is nothing but the art and science of seeing things as a whole. Our body is a good example of entity, which can be seen as an organic whole. We know that a nail driven into a finger affects every part of the body, for they are all parts of an interconnected whole. Though we are most of the time totally unaware of it, a deep interconnection exists between everything; every man is connected by

Scientific Attitude in Jain Principles June, 2021 Geeta Mehta

The person with insight (Kevali) is narrated in the Pravachana Saar 1.37, “All the modes of the substances which have appeared in the past and will appear in the future are known to the Kevali as if they are in the present”. In Isavasya Upanishad such a person is described as Kavih,