Author: Parul Kothary

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Parul Kothary is a banker by profession and part of the SJRS extended management committee supporting their various initiatives.

Singapore Jain Religious Society March, 2024 Parul Kothary

Jains have settled in Singapore since the beginning of 20th Century. the Singapore Jain Religious Society was registered in 1972 and our Jain elders secured its current premises in 1978. The location has since been renovated a number of times and in the year 2009, a murti of lord Mahavir was consecrated at the premises. The Jain Center is unique in the world, as it has progressed with the times in accommodating all the different Jain sects in the same premises, keeping to fundamental principles of Jainism. The Society maintains its prime objective a preserving Jain unity in Singapore. Jainism was officially accepted and became the 10th religion to join the Inter Religious Organization (IRO) in 2006. Being a member of IRO raised awareness of Jainism in Singapore.