Author: Dr. Pratik Bhansali

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Dr. Pratik Bhansali holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and works in the field of thermal sciences. He has an evidence-based scientific perspective intertwined with a dedication to social justice, particularly centered around animal rights and ethical living. In his role as the outreach advisor of The Jain Vegan Initiative and the strategic lead for JAINA's Ahimsak Eco Vegan Committee, Pratik ardently advocates for compassionate living and ethical treatment of animals. His explorations extend into the realms of Indian philosophy, probing its intersections with societal norms and their implications for social justice issues, including within the context of animal rights. Committed to comprehending the ethical intricacies, he delves into the philosophical dimensions, examining how Indian philosophical tenets intertwine with cultural ideologies without imposing specific value judgments on their influence. Pratik's dedication to fostering informed discussions around ethical living and environmental stewardship is showcased through his involvement with the teaching team at Arihanta Institute's 'Beyond Vegetarianism' course. He welcomes dialogues and collaborations and can be reached via email at

Ratnatraya: Animals Through the Lens of Samyak Darshan, Gyan, and Charitrya December, 2023 Dr. Pratik Bhansali

Jai Jinendra, everyone. Our discussion around Jain principles often revolves around fundamental principles like Ahimsa and Ratnatraya, and rightly so. But how do the Ratnatraya guide us in the modern world with all its practicalities? While we often talk about animals in the context of Jainism, philosophically examining our views and actions regarding animals as an extension of these basic principles would be an interesting conversation.