Author: Rajvi Doshi

About Author

Rajvi is a resident of Dubai and a Fellow Chartered Accountant practicing in the UAE and USA. Gained her education from the London School of Economics, UK and S P Jain IMR, India. From childhood, her curiosity about Jain philosophy has driven her to explore it through books, stories, engaging in profound conversations with spiritual gurus, monks, and knowledgeable individuals. This is her first step as a contributor for the Jain Avenue magazine (Voice of the practitioners of Jain Dharma).

Cultivating Compassion in the Desert February, 2024 Rajvi Doshi

The UAE is known for its glamorous skyscrapers and endless desert horizons, making it a cool blend of tradition with modern vibes. For all of us being expatriates of the country, finding a new home in an alien country can be challenging, however this unique blend of warmth this country offered, fit right in to make it feel like home in no time, effectively resulting in the growth of the Jain community. This growth came with lot of reciprocation for the betterment of the Jain community with new ideas, new approaches.