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Actions against Bullying and Violence July, 2023 jainmagazine

Bullying, cyber-bullying and violence in schools are human rights violations, which infringe on the rights of children and young people to live a life free from violence. Schools can, and should, play a key role in tackling these abuses.

Practicing Ahimsā in Daily Life July, 2023 Nishit Shah

Alertness in Walking Over time, I have inculcated the practice of walking by looking down and not rushing unnecessarily while walking to try to protect small insects and beings. Also, I am now more conscious of not walking on grass and changing my route wherever possible. Sometimes I miss it in the first instance, but just like a reflex, the memory of alertness pops up and reminds me to look down rather than look around. Hoping, it will become Sat Sanskãr over time and remain deeply implanted in the soul.