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Eminent scholar Dr. Dileep Dhing (B. Com., LL.B., M.A.-Prakrit with Gold Medal, Ph.D.) has written thousands of poems, essays, research articles, memoirs, comments etc. He is not only a litterateur, but also a devoted social activist, thinker and orator. So far 70 books have been published; authored (15) & edited (55) by him. He has attended several national and international seminars and presented research papers. His talks and poems have been broadcasted by All India Radio, Udaipur and Chennai. He has also done several memorable works and got super success for propagation of vegetarianism. He has founded literary awards in memory of his parents Shravika-Ratna Umraodevi & Shri Kanhaiyalal Dhing. ‘Sahitya-Manishi’ and ‘Seva-Ratna’ Dr. Dhing is a recipient of many prestigious awards and honours including Ācārya Hasti Smriti Samman, Ācārya Hasti Ahimsa Award, Anuvrat Lekhak Puraskar, Kundkund Gyanpeeth Puraskar, Ācārya Hasti Karuna Speaker Award, JITO Seva Award, Ācārya Nānesh Smriti Samman, Acharya Hasti Seva Samman etc. He has served as director of International Centre for Prakrit Studies and Research, Chennai for 9 years. Hindi Article ‘Vikramaditya and Jain Dharma’ has so far been published in the following magazines and news papers –

  1. Jain Prakash (Fortnightly), New Delhi, February 2016 (First)
  2. Swadhyay Sandesh (Monthly), Gulabpura, August 2016
  3. Dakshin Bharat Rashtramat (Daily), Chennai/Bengluru, April 1, 2022
  4. Dainik Jalate Deep, Jaipur/Jodhpur, April 2, 2022
  5. Rajasthan Patrika, Chennai, April 4, 2022

Emperor Vikramaditya and Jainism May, 2023 Dr. Dileep Dhing

In Indian historical eras, Vikram Samvat is a popular reference for time calculation. Valiant Emperor Vikramaditya of Bharat Varsha started the era of Vikram Samvat. Vikram Samvat era started

NON-VIOLENCE – A SUPREME HUMAN VALUE January, 2022 Dr. Dileep Dhing

Non-violence is the Supreme Human value, and also it is the Fundamental of all the Human values. Due to Non-violence, all the small values become precious.