Author: Dr. Jeoraj Jain

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Dr. Jeoraj Jain is a Gold medallist of Rajasthan Uni. He obtained the Degree “Doctor of Engineering” from Germany . He worked with Tata Motors in Growth and Production Departments. Was First in the world to design and produce Fabricated Axles for heavy Vehicles, involving Innovative Welding Design. He has advanced a scientific hypothesis of the Life form of Water without DNA and RNA. He discovered that the contents of Jain Loka are described by Statistical Method in scriptures. It resolves the present riddles of Loka. He received the “Vigyan Ratan Award” from Gyan Sagar Science Foundation, 2017. He has authored three  books on Water and Lokakash.

Temptation and its Control June, 2023 Dr. Jeoraj Jain

Temptation (Lobha): Excessive attachment to wealth, power and its growth or avarice is called temptation. It is the most dangerous passion (Kashaya) and is called the father of the sins. During the elimination of the Kashayas, it decays in the last. In the Sthananga Sutra [1], Greed has been described as "आमिष व्रत समाणे लोभे” ("Amish Vrat Samane Lobhe").

Epoch –making Discovery about Human habitable (HH)-Planets (Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations in Ancient Loka) July, 2022 Dr. Jeoraj Jain

Scientists have been searching for about a century, extra-terrestrial life in the Universe, whether we are alone in the universe. The theory of Fermion paradox said in 1921 that we are not alone. Several researchers were trying to locate habitable zones in other solar systems by focusing telescopes. Theoreticians were developing equations, having several variables, to calculate the probability of hh-planets.

Ahimsā for Protection of Environment January, 2022 Dr. Jeoraj Jain

Violent lifestyle is contributing comprehensively to global ecological challenges. It is posing serious threats for the breakdown of our eco-system. People talk about superficial non-violent life styles for salvaging the eco-system.