Let’s Understand Jain Terminology June, 2021

Anashan (Fasting): Complete abstinence from eating any food and/or drinking liquid. Sometimes one can drink only achit (previously boiled) water for a predetermined period of time, such as for a day or more. This spares our digestive energy to focus on spiritual uplift. This is known as Upavās.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology Mahāvīra Janma Kalyānak May, 2021

Mahāvīra Jayanti is an important Jain festival. The Jain community observes the birth anniversary of Lord Mahāvīra with great devotion. Mahāvīra Jayanti falls on the 13th day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra

Lets-Understand Jain Terminology February, 2021

One day, during an assembly of demigods, Indra, the king of heavenly gods, praised the bravery and mercifulness of King Megharath on Earth. He mentioned that King Megharath would not hesitate to give up his own life to protect those who came to him for shelter. Two

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology January, 2021

Sam means right and avāy means knowledge, right knowledge Samavāya is the name of the group of five causes that are associated with every situation or event.

Lets-Understand Jain Terminology December, 2020

Karma is the key to a Soul’s destiny and is based on the Natural Law of cause and effect. There are consequences for all our thoughts, words and actions. Our Kashāya – anger, ego, deceit and greed - bind karma to our soul. The famous saying, “everything that goes around comes around”, perfectly describes the Theory of karma.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology November, 2020

Jain scriptures are known as Jain Āgam literature. Jains do not have one text as a scripture, but they recognized many texts as their scripture. Different sects recognized different number of scriptures.

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology October, 2020

Vegetarianism has been a principle of health and environmental ethics throughout India for thousands of years. It remains, to this day, a cardinal ethic of Jain thought and practices. Each form of life,

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology September, 2020

Anekantvad, defines the theory of non-absolutism, non-radicalism or non- one sidedness and in in simple terms

Let’s Understand Jain Terminology August, 2020

Archaeological evidence suggests that yoga was practiced in ancient India since 3000 BC. Many great personalities (Jain or not) like Patanjali