January, 2023 by Vinod Kapashi

America’s president Joe Biden, after the attack on Kabul International airport in August 2021 said in a very defiant and decisive tone.

Forgiveness Empowering Yourself

January, 2023 by Ruchika Chitrabhanu

All living beings strive to be happy. But human relationships can be complex. We face distress situations which can consume us mentally and physically, especially if the incident involves being hurt by someone we love or trust.

Resolution 2023: Choose to Forgive

January, 2023 by Sejal Zaveri

“Forgiveness is the key to open the door leading to salvation– freedom from being controlled by the past, freedom from the emotional ties to the offender, freedom from the continual inner conflicts of hate and bitterness, freedom to realize your true potential and enjoy the fullness of life” - From Jain Society of Greater Detroit.

Interview with Sadhvi Shreeji Aatmagya Marajsaheb (Under the aegis of Gacchadhipati Shri Vijay Ramsuri Marajsaheb)

January, 2023 by Bhavi Khetani

Q1. What is Forgiveness? Accepting a sin/misdeed committed towards someone, and neither being angry nor cursing the offender for it, and instead freeing him from the guilt is forgiveness.

Voice of the Youth on Forgiveness

January, 2023 by Youth

Tirthankar Mahavir always lived with absolute equanimity and calmness. Despite encountering multiple hindrances, his compassion remained persistent, and he granted forgiveness to even Gosalak, Chandkaushik and the peasant who drilled nails in his ears. 

Which is the Real Birthplace of Lord Mahavir? – Part 2

January, 2023 by Arpit Shah

To begin with, let us examine the details available in ancient texts (chronologically), which throw some light on the distinctive names of Lord Mahavir’s Birthplace (similar names in different texts not repeated)-

Jain Dharm: Darshan and practice

December, 2022 by Dr. Narendra Bhandari

If we ask this question to a layman or Acharyas, many of them will say “Ahimsa parmo dharm”, that is the crux or the essence of Jain religion. How can it be? I wonder. Ahimsa can only be a practice, and a minor one; How it can encompass the whole philosophy of Jain Dharma. It has been limited to avoiding killing of small (sukshma) and helpless jivas in daily routine.

Which is the Real Birthplace of Lord Mahavir? – Part 1

December, 2022 by Arpit Shah

Background:Religions across the world have always revered the birthplaces of their divine figures with great respect. These places were soon transformed into pilgrimages, in view of the holy aura preserved in the respective birthplaces. Similarly, Jains have also revered the places where the five divine events, i.e. the Panchkalyanaks of Tirthankars (Chyavan, Janma, Diksha, Kevalgyan and Nirvan) had taken place. The last Tirthankar of this cosmic cycle, Shri Vardhaman Mahavir, on whose teachings Jainism has survived, flourished and thrived till date, was born in 599 BC, i.e. nearly 2,618 years ago.

Sallekhana : How to make it successful

December, 2022 by Dr. Shuddhatm Prakash Jain

There are two main sufferings in the world, birth and death. There  is suffering in the womb and suffering of old age. Before birth, there is suffering in the womb and before death there is old age. In this way,  the soul, in the beginning and end of life, at both the times experiences great sufferings.

The Earth is My Teacher

December, 2022 by An Interview with Rajiv Rathod

Please describe your spiritual journey: Reading philosophy has always been a part of my life. Since a very early age, I was curious and had an interest in philosophy. I had an interest in frameworks guiding people in fundamental queries like who we are and where we come from. I spent many years learning about others’ spiritual journeys in a person.

Four Bhāvanās: Evolving workplace spirituality

December, 2022 by Dr. Hemali Sanghavi

We are living in the era of globalization, an era of greater connectivity between the individuals, objects, images and so on. Technology has overshadowed our lives to a greater extent. Ancient wisdom can be of great use in resolving some of the issues of the present era. Jainism has been one of the most significant branches of philosophical and religious thought in India. Jain texts and concepts can be of use for better management at the workplace. The present article takes up the view of the workplace scenario at present. It proposes the evolution of workplace spirituality in line with the Jain viewpoint.

Jainism viewpoint on Abortion

December, 2022 by

What is Jainism viewpoint on Abortion? Human life is considered sacred amongst all other life forms in this world. Any form of violence against a potential human life is seen with very critical and sensitive views. Thus, abortion has been for most part a tabooed topic in our society, with opinions and/or beliefs of people on this topic standing on extreme ends of the spectrum.